5 easy moves to plan the perfect wedding — without going broke

Wedding dresses, venues, cake, invitations, band and more planning questions stressing you out? Never fear: These 5 easy steps will get you through the process — so your perfect day stays on budget.


An Iranian cancer researcher headed to the US to work at a hospital was detained at Logan Airport

Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi, a cancer researcher, was supposed to begin work as a visiting scholar at Boston Children's Hospital.

Prosecutors move to dismiss 21,000 drug convictions after chemist found falsifying results

For defendants who have had trouble finding housing or employment because of their convictions, it's too little too late.

Protesters in Boston blocked this anti-trans bus with trans pride messages

Protesters came out to meet the bus with messages of love and acceptance.

How much snow will Boston get? Updates on how much snowfall Beantown should expect

Beantown could get buried. Here's what you need to know.

Gay veterans group OutVets allowed to march in South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

Under heavy pressure from local politicians, parade organizers reversed a ban on the group's participation.

Oscar Best Picture Winners: A list of every movie that has won since 1929

A full list of every film that's won the highly coveted award.

Here's when marijuana shops will open in Massachusetts

Marijuana shops may or may not begin opening in Massachusetts by Jan. 2018.

Is there a legal way to buy marijuana in Massachusetts if you live out of state?

Here's what to know if you don't live in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts' Marijuana Law: Rules, regulations and what to know before smoking weed

Don't roll a joint until you read this.

Survey suggests millennials aren't lazy and entitled. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Millennials are eschewing vacation days for success.


Is it legal to smoke weed in Massachusetts? Yes, but probably not in front of your boss

Sorry, y'all — might not be able to toke at work.

"The Crusaders" mosque bomb plot is latest in growing right-wing terror threat

Far-right terrorism is as big a security threat as Islamic extremism — and it's more than capable of doing as much damage.

Black Lives Matter activists protest at Cambridge City Hall for affordable housing

The protesters list of demands include the establishment of "rent to own" program for low-income residents.

Massachusetts Police Want to Know Who Posted Underage Students' Photos on Dropbox

Police have chosen to treat all the young women involved as victims, not offenders.

'Spotlight' 2015: Latest News, Trailers, Reviews and More

It's the story behind the story that exposed child molestation in the Catholic Church.

Meet Dan Deacon, the Musician With a Genre-Defying Sound That Has Critics Buzzing

"My music has a different focus — it's about the texture of sound."

25% of American Workers Are Getting Screwed Out of an Important Benefit

Among the world's richest nations, the U.S. is an absolute outlier.

Why Are Mass Shootings Increasing Even While Gun Violence is Decreasing?

Deadly mass shootings have been on the rise since 2007, even though gun violence on the whole has declined. Are we ushering in a new decade of the "mass shooting"?

Boston Mayor Election: Pundits Claim Minority Candidates Will Confuse Minority Voters

Boston's mayoral race has unprecedented diversity, but some pundits predict nonwhite candidates will cancel each other out.


Boston Marathon Bomber Caught? Boston Globe Says So

The Boston Globe and WHDH 7 News are reporting that the two suspects from an earlier violent incident at MIT and Watertown may be the Boston Marathon bombers.

I Was At the Boston Marathon Bombing, This is My Story

I'm a blogger for Boston.com, and I was in Boston yesterday. This is my first person account of what happened during and immediately following the bombing.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Who is Responsible For This Terrorist Attack?

This attack seems to have caught the intelligence community totally by surprise. In the scramble to get leads as to who committed this act of terror, one "suspect" at large has gone viral.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Amazing Acts of Kindness

Media reports on Monday afternoon showed two explosions near the finish line of Boston Marathon.

Massachusetts Announces New Policy On Transgender Schoolchildren

The state of Massachusetts has announced a new formal policy on transgender schoolchildren in a massive step forward for LGBT rights. Will other states follow?


Massachusetts Has One of the Worst Wage Gaps in the Nation

The wage gap between men and women in the U.S. is a national trend — and it turns out Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states, fares badly when it comes to equal pay for equal work.