Pedro Hernandez speaks out against bail system that kept him in jail for a year

Pedro Hernandez gives his first formal interview since a human rights organization bailed him out from jail on Rikers Island to spur action on bail reform.

Progressive challenger Alessandra Biaggi defeats Richard Ribustello in New York state Senate race

"I hope to continue to be a voice that speaks truth to power, not in an abstract way but in a very real way," Biaggi said in October.

Nicki Minaj was given the key to Queens. Here's 9 of her verses that prove she deserves it.

"A star will arise/ And she'll originate from the streets of Southside"

Vandals take chainsaws to trees at Donald Trump's Bronx golf course

The motivation behind the vandalism was unclear, but a maintenance crew chased off the men after they cut down four trees.

Samantha Bee says visiting Rikers Island felt like "a Caribbean vacation"

"It was the most free I've felt in months."

Where to eat in NYC: Restaurants that have been featured on 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives'

A low-key guide to New York City, curated by your favorite frosted tips.

Jay Z will tell Trayvon Martin's story in new docuseries and feature film

The rapper continues his work in creating social justice films.

Man charged with hate crime in beating of 2 transgender women at NY McDonald's

After Patrick O'Meara saw two transgender women enter a McDonald's, he flew into a rage and attacked them.

Whole Foods’ $8 chopped cheese sandwich is peak “Columbusing"

The irony of said sandwich being sold in "Columbus Circle" has not been lost on Twitter.

Alastasia Bryan, an off-duty corrections officer, fatally shot in Brooklyn

The officer, who worked on Rikers Island, was shot while sitting in her vehicle.

'SNL' launches search for "elusive legend" Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua woods

'Saturday Night Live' tracks the rarely seen Democratic presidential nominee.


This Video Tearing Apart Hipster Media for “Columbusing” in Harlem Is Going Viral

Yes, there is a problem with calling a sandwich from Harlem a "steal."


2016 New York Republican Primary: Donald Trump Steamrolls John Kasich and Ted Cruz

New York is all aboard the Trump Train.

Afrika Bambaataa Has Been Accused of Sexual Abuse by 3 More Men

"He needs to put down the candy and let the little boys go."

The Spike Lee-Directed Bernie Sanders Ad Will Give You Chills

Waaaaake up!


Ted Cruz Pandered to These Bronx Latinos And They Weren’t Having It

They were NOT fooled by the rocks that he got.

Republican Candidates Take Their Brawl Over "New York Values" to New York

The GOP candidates get a taste of those New York values.

Ted Cruz Has Been Offically Rejected by New York

New York isn't giving Ted Cruz a warm welcome.

For Transgender Men, Clothing Can Be Self-Determination

"My closest relationship to a bra is being able to take it off with a snap of my fingers."

Kesha Releases a Full Statement Dedicated to Victims of Sexual Abuse Everywhere

"Yes, I am very much a feminist, but more than that, I am a humanist."


Two NYPD Officers Shot in the Bronx

The officers were shot at a public housing project in the Bronx.

MTA Employee After a Boy's Suicide Caused Delays: "I Hope the Motherf***er Suffered"

"I hope he suffered like a motherf***er," an employee said over a train intercom.

Blizzard 2016: How Much Snow Did New York City Get During Winter Storm Jonas?

The blizzard of 2016 brought record amounts of snow for some areas.