The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 22: Marriage and same-sex attraction among Mormons (full transcript)

Can a gay man and a straight woman be happily married — to each other?


Mormon women urge Republican senators to suspend Kavanaugh’s confirmation for an FBI investigation

A coalition of 6,000 Mormon women is calling on Mormon Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to ensure the charges against Kavanaugh are taken seriously.

Trump’s trans ban is just the latest effort by politicians to force LGBT people back in the closet

The ability of all LGBT people to live openly and honestly is under assault. Trans rights are inextricably part of that battle.

Mormon girl gives affirming testimony about being lesbian. Man asks her to sit down.

"I want to love myself and not feel shame for being me," 12-year-old Savannah said, before a man cut her mic.

Lyle Jeffs, polygamous sect leader, captured after a year of being on the run

Jeffs escaped house arrest a year ago.

Trump Inauguration: Thousands urge the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to boycott Trump's event

Apparently, Trump's "sexist, racist, misogynistic and xenophobic behavior" does not fit with the Mormon Church's message.


TLC's 'Sister Wives' want SCOTUS to legalize polygamy. Here's why that can never happen.

The ban on polygamy exists to keep women and children safe.

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn Begs Church for LGBTQ Tolerance as Utah Youth Suicide Rates Surge

"Please don’t let this be a summer of more gay suicides."

Utah Marijuana Legalization 2016: Latest on Medical Marijuana Debate

Here's where Utah stands on medical marijuana.

This Utah Lawyer Is Working Pro Bono to Help People GTFO of the Mormon Church

"It's hurting families, hurting communities and creating black sheep that sometimes never recover."

Washington Redskins Respond to Team Name Revoke With Lawsuit Listing "Lewd" Patent Names

That's one way to make your case.

The Mormon Church's "New" Support for LGBT Protections Isn't New — Or Groundbreaking

It's a nice gesture, but gestures only go so far.

The Sad, Conflicted Lives of America's Gay Mormons

Torn between two worlds, some Mormons try to straddle both.

New TLC Show Reveals Why It's Extremely Awkward to Be a Gay Mormon

"I'm interested in men — I'm just not 'interested' in men."

Meet the First Black Republican Woman Ever Elected to Congress

A big step forward for a party that’s always taking two steps back.

Young Mormon Feminists Are Doing It For Themselves

Religion, whether it's yours or someone else's, has a huge impact on our culture. These Mormon women want female voices brought into the fold.

Meet the Mormons Kicked Out of the Church For Being Feminists and Freethinkers

In September 1993 the Mormon Church kicked out six intellectuals and feminists. The repercussions can still be felt 20 years later.

Do Even Liberal Gay Couples Want to Raise Their Kids in the Country?

Is there something about the country that attracts same-sex couples bent on child rearing? The Williams Institute's study seems to suggest there is, but...

Mormon General Conference 2013: Women Pray For First Time in 183 Years

For the first time in more than 180 years, women prayed at the annual conference of the LDS (Mormon) church. The conference took place Saturday and Sunday.

Atheist Billboards Target Obama and Romney at Democratic National Convention

Atheist group mocks Mormonism and mainstream Christianity with ads featuring magic Mormon underwear and Jesus on toast.

Obama vs Romney: Mormon Racist Teachings Will Inspire Record African American Turnout

Mitt Romney's NAACP condescending speech and wife Ann's "you people" remarks will inspire African Americans to go to the polls this November.

In Attacks Against Mormon Beliefs of GOP Candidate Mitt Romney, Jewish Nobel Prize Winner Elie Wiesel Goes Too Far

Regrettable remarks by a Nobel Prize winning defender of religious freedom show America still has a double standard towards certain religions.

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Values Are His Strongest Point

Voters should use Romney’s religiosity as a predictor for the values and the character he will bring with him to the White House.