Police save teen's life after Facebook Live suicide attempt, thanks to concerned viewers

Another case of the disturbing trend of users broadcasting violence on Facebook Live.

Who was shot in '13 Reasons Why'? Netflix series ends with character's fate unresolved.

'13 Reasons Why' ends with one character's fate unresolved.

Man Detonates Bomb Outside German Music Festival, Killing Himself and Injuring at Least 12

The Syrian man had been denied asylum in the country.

Oakland Police Sexually Exploited a Minor, Then Blamed Her for Officer’s Suicide

Easy Bay Express journalists uncover one scandal after another at the department.

Teacher's Heartbreaking Response to Colorado Student's Attempted Suicide Is Going Viral

She wrote 130 letters: One for each of her students.

Obama's Transgender Bathroom Policy Can Save Students' Lives; One Stat Shows Why

One staggering statistic shows why.

Chris Brown Calls Tinashe a "16-Year-Old Hobbit" After She Spoke On His Instagram Tantrums

"I have no filter nor will I care or tone it down when people drop my name in something."

Halsey Deactivates Twitter Account After Trolls Attack Her for Supporting Kehlani

"I support Kehlani 111110% but Twitter obsessively tells me that I should have gone thru [and] killed myself."

Kyrie Irving Breaks His Silence on Kehlani's Suicide Attempt

Compared to Chris Brown, Irving handled the situation like a champ.

Did Swaggy P Cheat on Iggy Azalea? D'Angelo Russell's Recording of Nick Young Goes Viral

Iggy Azalea and Swaggy P's relationship may have gotten blown wide open on social media.


The Countries With the Highest Suicide Rates, in One Map

A new report with staggering stats.

Why Are Soldiers Committing Suicide? Not Because Of the War

A new study suggests that the rising number of military suicides is not due to the effects of warfare.

Guess Which Boy Band is Making a Comeback and Fighting Bullying At the Same Time

The Backstreet Boys are releasing their new album, In A World Like This, today. The band hopes to use their international platform to spread a positive and essential message.


Banker Tries to Kill Himself After Dispute Involving Poodles

Solar Investments President Adam Silberman jumped off his 5th avenue apartment because of a dispute with his co-op board over his three noisy dogs. Or did he really?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Injuries May Prevent Him From Speaking to Investigators

Injuries the 19-year-old bombing suspect sustained may prevent him from ever being able to speak to investigators.

Carlos Arredondo: Boston Marathon Attendee Came to Victims' Rescue

Cowboy hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo can been seen in marathon photographs and videos helping victims. In the past decade he has lost two sons and devoted his life to improving our world.

Jacintha Saldanha Suicide: Do Not Blame Prankster DJs in the Death of Kate Middleton Nurse

If Jacintha Saldanha was willing to kill herself and leave a husband and two children behind to grieve, there had to be more going on than embarrassment or shame over falling for a stupid hoax.