Former Wesleyan dean arrested for soliciting sex from a minor

Police have arrested Scott Backer, who was fired from Wesleyan in 2016 after past allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

Connecticut Radio DJ Gary Craig's Racist Video About a Latino Festival Has People Pissed

Gary Craig is in hot water after calling Latino Fest a "parallel universe" and confusing Cuba with Puerto Rico.

Sit-In Snacks Include Dunkin’ Donuts From Elizabeth Warren, Pizza From Sandy Hook Mom

Senators and supporters sent other munchies, like Pop-Tarts and Macadamia nuts.

Muslims Forgive Connecticut Mosque Shooter After He Offered a Heartfelt Apology

"He came in in tears, he was quivering."

6 Ridiculous Facts That Put the Powerball Jackpot in Perspective

$1.4 billion is a ridiculous amount of money.

7 Incidents That Prove Islamophobia Is Alive and Well in the US and Canada

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.


The Sandy Hook Parents Are Suing the Gunmaker Behind the AR-15

"I am looking at anything that can be done to prevent this from happening to another family."

Here's What Happens to the 98% of College Athletes Who Don't Go Pro

For some of them the sport opens up a lot of options, but others are put in a tricky situation.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Connecticut Passes Law Barring Release Of Photos, Videos

A new law that shields these pictures from the public sends the message that we should hide and forget all about this tragedy.

Rep. Stephen Dargan Wants to Publicize Gun Owner’s Names in Connecticut: This Won’t Stop Gun Violence

Knowing the location and name of a potential shooter will do nothing to prevent another tragedy.

Adam Lanza Massacre Prompts Town to Start a Violent Video Game Buyback

Southington, a town less than an hour away from Newtown, is attempting to curtail violence by ending the possession of violent video games, CDs and DVDs.

Adam Lanza Wore Earplugs While Shooting His Victims at Sandy Hook Elementary

The Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooter might have used the earplugs to muffle the children's screams, or as a habit developed from shooting at gun ranges.