Missouri Republicans just slashed the minimum wage from $10 to $7.70

The law lowers the minimum wage in St. Louis.

Navigating Trump's Twitter: 11 times Donald Trump tweeted something terrible about a woman

The president has a long history of being unpresidential.

Layoffs hit HuffPost newsroom, 39 staffers lose jobs

39 employees were affected, including a Pulitzer Prize winning military correspondent.

Prosecutors: Alleged leaker Reality Winner wanted to "burn the White House down"

Winner pleaded not guilty to charges of leaking classified information to a news outlet.

Judge jailed assault victim in cell near alleged assailant to ensure her testimony in court

A Canadian justice has ordered an investigation into the court's treatment of the alleged victim, an indigenous woman who was homeless at the time of her attack.

This is the reason why Donald Glover is retiring Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino's next album will be the last one ever and Twitter is not OK.


Michael Eric Dyson replaces Sen. Al Franken on 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

A spokesperson for Franken told 'HuffPost' he would not appear on Friday's show after Maher jokingly called himself a "house nigger."

Ex-Playmate Dani Mathers pleads no contest to invasion of privacy, will not do jail time

Mathers received community service and probation after secretly taking and sharing a photo of a naked stranger.

Trump's budget aims to exclude Planned Parenthood from all federally funded programs

A leaked executive summary of the budget specifically bars Planned Parenthood from participating in all HHS programs.

Iran Presidential Election: Here's what we're watching

There's a lot riding on this election for Iran.

Planned Parenthood ready to close four Iowa clinics, after funding attack from lawmakers

Close to 15,000 Iowans will lose access to family planning services each year, due to the closures.

Want a castle? Italy may let young entrepreneurs revamp public buildings to boost tourism.

If enacted, the new initiative would transfer about 100 properties each year.

Trump administration cites a segregation-era Supreme Court ruling to defend Muslim ban

The Trump administration is using a 1971 Supreme Court decision to defend its travel ban.

Iowa Rep. Rod Blum storms out of interview after simple question about donors

Blum walked out of the interview, even as he was surrounded by schoolchildren.

Rep. Steve King said something racist again. This time he targeted a Latina constituent.

King tweeted: "Do you always lie in English?"

Lena Dunham said she has a "great time" with her own body on 'Girls'

The 'Girls' creator said exposing her body on television was never as big of a deal to her as people made it.

Georgia police officers who were filmed beating a black man will face criminal charges

Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni and Officer Robert McDonald face a felony and misdemeanor charge each.

Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley canceled again — for real this time

“This is a university, not a battlefield,” Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks wrote in a note to students.

Bernie Sanders: Not allowing Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley is "intellectual weakness"

Bernie Sanders tells Berkeley students to confront Ann Coulter intellectually rather than shut her down.

The day of O'Reilly's firing, a Fox News host told his colleague she was arousing viewers

'The Five' host Greg Gutfeld told co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle she was "giving America a raise" with her outfit.

The GOP is trying to resurrect Trumpcare — and nuke pre-existing condition protections

The revised Republican health care plan could allow insurance companies to charge sick Americans more for plans that cover less.

Who is Sister Catherine Cesnik? 4 things to know about Netflix's murder-mystery docuseries

The mysterious death of a beloved nun will be examined in the new Netflix series 'The Keepers.'

Trump voters continue to be shocked when their immigrant friends get deported

Roberto Beristain's wife, Helen, voted for Trump. On Tuesday, her undocumented husband was deported to Mexico.

Despite Trump’s claims, Rep. Elijah Cummings definitely did not call him a great president

Trump interpreted Cummings' stark warning as a compliment.

'Gay Star News' tweets and deletes meme comparing Nicki Minaj to a monkey

#GayMediaSoWhite raises its ugly head again.

Anti-abortion lawmaker: Rape, incest "will of God," but God can "bring beauty from ashes"

Another Republican man is out there, arguing that the crimes of rape and incest are sometimes just part of God's plan.

Jessica Chastain to mansplainer on Twitter: "Let women speak for themselves."

The actress voiced an opinion on Twitter, and right one cue, men swooped in to correct her.