‘Shadow of War’ Shelob: The issue with making a giant spider into a sexy human lady

A new 'Shadow of War' video shows off some sort of sexy human form Shelob, and a lot of people (including me) are rightly baffled by that design choice.

‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ Baranor: Be honest — ‘Lord of the Rings’ still has no black characters

‘Lord of the Rings’ is finally getting a black character in 'Shadow of War,' but it's too little too late.

Andy Serkis reading Donald Trump’s tweets as Gollum is hauntingly perfect

Even Gollum doesn't know what covfefe means.

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'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' Mithril Edition costs as much as the Nintendo Switch.

'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' Release Date: 'Shadow of Mordor' sequel officially announced

'Middle-earth: Shadow of War' release date: Return to Mordor with a sequel to the 2014 hit 'Shadow of Mordor.'

Asking Stephen Colbert About ‘Lord of the Rings’ Will Practically Put You in Middle-Earth

Time to brush up on your knowledge of 'The Silmarillion,' it's going to get intense.

This New iPhone Hack Will Save You Tons of Storage — And It's Effortless

It's quick, it's easy and you don't even have to rent out 'The Hunger Games' (we'll explain).

Tolkien Reading Day 2016: Here's the Story Behind the Day Every 'LOTR' Fan Can Appreciate

Each year, Tolkien Reading Day has a theme chosen by members of the Tolkien Society.

'SNL' Combined 'The Office' and 'The Hobbit' — and the Results Were Absolutely Hilarious

"Yeah, so the brave hobbit Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company."

Air New Zealand Knows the Real Reason People Go to New Zealand

One does not simply walk to 'God's Own Country.'

These Maps of U.S. Cities Done in the Style of J.R.R. Tolkien Are a Nerd's Delight

You have my bow, and my axe... and my map.

The Books that Affect Us the Most, According to Facebook

The words that matter most.

Oscars 2013 LIVE: 'Life of Pi' Wins Achievement in Visual Effects

'Life of Pi' beat out 'The Avengers' and 'The Hobbit' to win the Oscar for Achievement in Visual Effects.

'Life of Pi' Wins Visual Effects

Any movie about a tiger befriending a human has to be amazing.

Oscar Best Makeup and Hairstyling: You Shall Not Pass Up The Hobbit

Live blog for the Academy Awards 2013. Who will win at the Oscars? The excitement, the drama, all here on PolicyMic!

The Hobbit: Is Tolkien's Middle Earth Based On Kentucky?

According to recent reports, 'The Hobbit's' mystical world was inspired by the Bluegrass State.

The Hobbit Movie Review: Peter Jackson Takes Audiences on an Aimless Journey

Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' is a good movie buried in three-hours of unnescessary padding. In the midst of interesting scenes, there is a lot of unnecessary babble. Spoiler alert.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Out Friday, Hobbit 3D Makes People Sick

Despite his critics, Peter Jackson said 'The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey's' new 3D technology provides a more realistic feel and it's perfect to watch on your iPad.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Out Friday, Amid Controversy

Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is out on Friday. Will the movie's stunning effects and intriguing story finally overcome its many rumors and controversy?

The Hobbit Preview: What Is All The Fuss About

I love sci-fi, fantasy, and film. But I cannot muster any enthusiasm for the massively hyped Peter Jackson adaption of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

'The Hobbit' Movie We Won't Be Seeing: 'Age of the Hobbits' Barred From Release

In the final hours before the release of 'The Hobbit' a California judge blocks the release of mockbuster 'Age of the Hobbits,' a low-budget film riding the Peter Jackson coattails.

The Hobbit Release Date: Out Thursday, Movie Uses Stunning New 3D Technology

While opinions vary over whether or not the increased resolution and doubling the frames per second is a good trend for movies, the verdict must wait until we all get to see the film.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Orlando Bloom as Legolas to Appear in Second and Third Installments

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' premieres on December 14, and producers have unveiled a first look at Orlando Bloom as Legolas (to appear in the second and third installments).

The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey: The Lord of the Rings Prequel Falls into the Franchise Trap

'The Hobbit' hits theaters on December 14. Of course the world is excited, but at what point will people finally be fed up with all of these Hollywood franchises?

The Hobbit Release Date: On December 14, How Will This Prequel Fare?

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will be the first movie in a new prequel trilogy of 'The Lord of The Rings' franchise. Will it be as bad the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy? Signs point to no.

The Hobbit Movie: 6 Reasons The Hobbit Breaks the Prequel Curse

'The Hobbit' has all of the ingredients necessary to be a successful prequel. Here's why this film will be a hit.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date and Review: AP Says Hobbit is Lame

Though Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' won't be in theaters until December 14, critics have started to pick it apart.

The Hobbit Movie Trailer and Release Date: This Movie Makes Some People Sick

Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,' starring Ian McKellen, premieres on December 14 amid various controversies. Watch the trailer here.

The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Ahead of US Opening, Tolkien Estate Sues Producers

First, 'The Hobbit' was blasted by PETA for supposed animal cruelty. Now, J.R.R.Tolkien’s estate is accusing producers of overstepping their rights with regards to merchandise.