Disney ends blacklist of ‘Los Angeles Times’ after backlash from news outlets, film critics

The 'Washington Post,' 'A.V. Club' and 'Flavorwire' are among the organizations that will not screen Disney films in advance.


People with criminal convictions could soon have a better shot at employment in LA County

LA County is considering ways to help people with criminal records get a fair chance when applying for work.

An estimated 20 million people watched James Comey's testimony

Millions more tuned in online to hear Comey call President Trump a "liar."

Ariana Grande responds to deadly bombing at Manchester Arena concert

Ariana Grande has responded to the Manchester attack.

Claremont McKenna students may not graduate after protesting right wing Heather Mac Donald

Students protested Heather Mac Donald on August 6.

Puerto Rico closes 184 schools after filing for bankruptcy

The debt crisis is about to take a huge toll on the small island.

Violence erupts at yet another pro-Trump rally in Berkeley

Things got ugly in Berkeley.

Walmart is putting a million products on sale, battling Amazon. But there's a big catch.

Is your time worth the new Walmart in-store pick up discount?

San Bernardino shooter identified as Cedric Anderson; 8-year-old student, teacher killed

Cedric Anderson did not target students, according to the San Bernardino police chief.

Pro-Trump MAGA rally erupts into violent clash with counterprotesters in California

Video shows the pro-Trump protest breaking into pepper spray, beatings and pile-ons.

San Francisco man threatened to shoot Muslim woman playing with her son in a park

The man hurled anti-Muslim sentiments at the woman.


California police shoot and kill 16-year-old pregnant teen in stolen car

Family members have started a GoFundMe to help with funeral services.

Richard Spencer's white supremacist group just lost its tax-exempt status

Spencer defended himself by saying he doesn't "understand this stuff," the stuff being mandatory IRS filings.

Afghan family with valid visas torn apart at LAX despite halt on Donald Trump's Muslim ban

The father was detained at LAX for two days before being sent to an immigration detention center.

For Women's History Month, Ava DuVernay is highlighting female filmmakers on Twitter

Ava DuVernay will be joined by 30 female filmmakers.


LAPD has named the off-duty officer who fired gun at teens during confrontation

Kevin Ferguson is reportedly "back on the job" but not "in the field" following the incident.

Alanis Morissette robbery: Everything we know about the $2 million jewelry theft

Alanis Morissette's Instagram posts may have led to the jewelry heist at her home, 'TMZ' reported.

California Dam: Latest updates on the potential Lake Oroville dam failure

Officials are rushing to remove 50 feet of water from Lake Oroville.

'Santa Clarita Diet' Reviews: What people are saying about Drew Barrymore's zombie Netflix show

Is 'Santa Clarita Diet,' Netflix's new zombie comedy starring Drew Barrymore, any good?


With Trump looming, LA just made it safer for immigrant street vendors to do their jobs

Facing a Trump crackdown, LA lawmakers are trying to protect undocumented immigrants.

Delaware prisons on lockdown after inmates reportedly take hostages

According to Delaware state Rep. William Carson, inmates have taken over a building.

Chaos, heartbreak at airports across US as Trump's Muslim ban kicks in

"He’s just a retired civil engineer who wanted to see his grandchildren," Mohammed Rawi said of his grandfather, Qassium Rawi.

Where can you smoke weed in California? Public and private spaces to light up

Weed is now legal in California, so where can you smoke it?

How many black people were killed by police in 2016?

2016 saw fewer total police-shooting deaths than 2015, but the number of black Americans killed by police remains high.

Santa Monica synagogue smeared with feces and food during Hanukkah

Synagogue officials believe it was a targeted act.

At least 9 dead, dozens missing in Oakland Ghost Ship fire in California

Authorities believe dozens may be dead after a fire raged through an Oakland artists' collective Friday night.

Letters sent to California mosques threaten Donald Trump will "cleanse America"

According to the 'L.A. Times', the letters also said Trump is "going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the jews [sic]."