Report: WVIT, Connecticut NBC station, won't air Megyn Kelly's upcoming Alex Jones interview

The memo told staff the network would "continue [its] local coverage," which includes a special report on Sandy Hook.


Survivors of the Aurora 'Dark Knight' shooting must pay the theater $700K in legal fees

Four victims will pay the $700,000 bill — another 41 will split a $150,000 settlement.

UPDATE: Istanbul Atatürk Airport Attack Leaves Up to 50 Dead, 60 Injured

Up to 50 people are dead and scores of others are injured after two gunmen stormed the airport and detonated themselves.

Orlando Shooting Update: Transcript of Omar Mateen's Exchange With Cops to Be Released

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is flying to Orlando to be briefed on the updates.

The Latest Updates on Omar Mateen, the Pulse Orlando Mass Shooting Suspect

The Orlando massacre shooter texted his wife, checked Facebook and posted statuses during his attack.

In Their Words, LGBTQ People Answer "What Next?" in Wake of Orlando Club Massacre

Amid contentious debates, here are LGBTQ people and their supporters speaking out.

Donald Trump Says Orlando Victims Could Have Saved Themselves if They Were Armed

Repeating a familiar refrain, Trump says more guns are the solution to gun massacres.

The 2016 Tony Awards Paid Tribute to Orlando With These Translucent Ribbons

Broadway stars showed solidarity with the victims.

Father of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Suspect Says Massacre Motivated by Anti-LGBT Views

"This has nothing to do with religion," suspect Omar Mateen's father told NBC News.

Omar Mateen Identified as Suspect in Orlando Mass Shooting at Pulse Gay Nightclub

Authorities are investigating a possible link to domestic terrorism in the Orlando nightclub shooting.

ISIS Has Released a New Video Showing the Paris Attackers in Other Atrocities

"The Islamic State will send fighters thirsty for the blood of misbelievers."


50 Cent Responds to Rick Ross' Comments About His Bankruptcy Case

50 Cent isn't about to let Rick Ross get the last word.

James Holmes Took Creepy Photos on His iPhone Before Aurora Massacre

Self-shot photos of the 'Dark Knight Rises' shooter Holmes emerged in court Wednesday, depicting the gunman posing with his weapons and visiting the theater in the weeks before the massacre.