Trump administration reportedly eyeing tent cities to house migrant children

Department of Health and Human Services officials will reportedly scout the Fort Bliss Army base near El Paso, Texas, as a potential location to temporarily house between 1,000 and 5,000 children.


Police officer who fatally shot Australian woman reportedly identified as Mohamed Noor

Both of the responding officers have reportedly been placed on administrative leave.

GOP Florida Sen. Frank Artiles resigns after racist, sexist rant against black colleagues

Artiles called fellow Sen. Audrey Gibson a "fucking asshole" and a "bitch," then referred to other senators as "niggers."

Mar-a-lago has 13 health violations — and Trump's other restaurants have issues, too

Warm raw meat was among the issues at Trump's Mar-a-Lago.

Equinox Fitness Club shooting leaves one dead, two injured

Witnesses said the incident appeared to be a workplace dispute gone wrong rather than an attempted mass shooting.

A lawyer's vape set his pants on fire in court during his client's arson trial

Rogue vapes strike again.


Father of Navy SEAL killed in Yemen slams Trump, wants investigation

The grieving father says "the government owes my son an investigation."

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton collapses during State of the State address

However, Dayton was seen "seated upright and aware shortly after the incident occurred," according to the Star Tribune.

University of Minnesota football team ends boycott after reading sexual assault report

Players read the school's 80-page investigative report and decided not to boycott after all.

Florida weed laws: What to know about legalization in the Sunshine State

Access to medical marijuana in the state is limited — for now

Man Would Like to See Happier-Looking Harriet Tubman on the $20, Please

We bet no one ever asked Andrew Jackson to smile more.


UC Davis Student Association Demands Chancellor Linda Katehi Resign

Katehi spent $175,000 trying to have infamous photos of an officer pepper-spraying students removed from the web.

These Teen Boys Fought Their School's Sexist Dress Code in the Best Way

Can we finally get rid of these codes now?

Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Capitol Could Cost $3.6 Million to Display

South Carolina's Military Museum proposes millions spent on a display for the battle flag.

One Mom’s Major Victory in the Fight to Treat Low-Income Autistic Children

"I let my emotions for my son and for the thousands of other poor kids with autism drive what I was doing."

California Lawmakers Just Did What No Other State Has Done Before

A major step that could set a new standard in America.

The 27 Best Front Pages About the United States' Dramatic World Cup Win

Who says soccer isn't newsworthy in America?

Instead of Treatment, Nevada Hospital Gives Patients a Bus Ticket to a Different State

Nevada's mental healthcare system is broken. To address it, a state hospital is allegedly dumping its patients in other states. I

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts and Cannibalism Could Be Ruled Out of the 'Miami Zombie' Case

A preliminary autopsy revealed that no rests of human flesh were found in the stomach of the alleged 'Miami Zombie,' and that bath salts weren't probably the cause of the gruesome attack.