Sean Spicer is interviewing for his own replacement, report says

Sean Spicer may no longer be seen behind the White House briefing room podium.


Fox News — employer of Jesse Watters — is worried about Ben Jacobs' "ambush" journalism

On Wednesday, the Gallatin County Sheriff's office charged Gianforte with misdemeanor assault.

Fox News has retracted a shady conspiracy theory from its website

Even Fox staffers had reportedly expressed dismay that the story lived so long on their site.

Roger Ailes is dead. The right-wing money-making machine he created will live on.

As long as the business works, it will be business as usual at Fox News Channel.

Tucker Carlson derails Trump conversation to talk about Penn Station's bathrooms

Carlson devolved into potty talk.


Glenn Beck says he wants Bill O'Reilly to work for him

Beck wants to work with O'Reilly, who blamed his ouster at Fox News on a "left-wing cabal."

Report: Bill O'Reilly's ex-wife caught him having phone sex. Then he attacked her.

According to a Jezebel report, Bill O'Reilly's ex-wife wrote in a sworn affidavit that the former Fox News host attacked her after she caught him having phone sex.

The FDA is making all of its employees watch Fox News

Fox News personalities have advocated abolishing the FDA.

Fox News hit with yet another gender discrimination lawsuit

Jessica Golloher alleges she was "marginalized and subjected to discrimination based on her gender" at Fox News.

Sean Hannity is either about to leave Fox News or playing it up for ratings

Rumors are circulating Hannity is about to leave Fox News, but Hannity says no negotiations are underway.

Fox News reporter Diana Falzone is suing the network for gender discrimination

Falzone's is "at least" the 15th lawsuit against Fox News.

Fox News co-president Bill Shine has been ousted

An earlier report said Shine was worried about his future at Fox since Rupert Murdoch wasn't publicly "fighting for him."

Sean Hannity warns of "end" of Fox News

Fox News co-president Bill Shine may be losing support among the network brass.

Fox's Jesse Watters is going on an impromptu "vacation" after gross Ivanka Trump "joke"

You know who else announced a vacation amid backlash against his lewd behavior toward women? Bill O'Reilly.

A Fox News host made a sex joke about Ivanka Trump speaking at the women's summit

Host Jesse Watters said, "I really like how she was speaking into that microphone."


Tucker Carlson: Somehow, a bidding war has broken out for Fox host's new book

Tucker Carlson is having an odd moment in the sun.

Bill O'Reilly returns in ominous podcast, warns "the truth" will come out

Bill O'Reilly has promised "the truth will come out" and that listeners will be positively shook. Please, no more.

Former Fox News guest walks back accusations against Sean Hannity

Hannity said he will take legal action against his accuser, who he said was looking for attention.

Meet Lisa Bloom, the attorney who brought down Bill O'Reilly

Bloom said she never doubted she and the three women she represented would be able to take down O'Reilly.

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota says Roger Ailes harassed her while she was at Fox

"Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me," Camerota said on CNN's 'Reliable Sources.'

Bill O'Reilly reveled in tearing women down and his audience loved it

A feminist contributor to the O'Reilly Factor speaks honestly about her experience on the show.

Surprise: Sarah Palin has bad opinions about the O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers

In an interview with CNN, Palin said that the women O'Reilly allegedly harassed should have come forward sooner.

Bill O’Reilly’s lawyers argued left-wing conspirators plotted to destroy him

O'Reilly's team hoped to use an email as evidence of the "liberal conspiracy" against the Fox News host.

Sexual harassment has cost Fox News over $85 million

$65 million of that hefty sum has gone toward Bill O'Reilly's and Roger Ailes' payouts.

The day of O'Reilly's firing, a Fox News host told his colleague she was arousing viewers

'The Five' host Greg Gutfeld told co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle she was "giving America a raise" with her outfit.

Beyoncé won an award Bill O'Reilly lied about winning

Celebrating black womanhood wins more awards than knocking it, Bill.

Bill O'Reilly by the numbers: 8 Stats to know about the fired Fox host

50: The number of advertisers that pulled out of O'Reilly's time slot after accusations of sexual assault came to light.

Bill O'Reilly was taken down by 'New York Times' reporter he threatened in 2015

"I am coming after you with everything I have," Bill O'Reilly told a reporter in 2015.

Maxine Waters: One day, Bill O'Reillys "won't be able to buy their way out of" jail time

"Life is changing for women," Waters told Anderson Cooper after Fox fired Bill O'Reilly.