‘Pokémon Go’ New Pokémon in Parks: Nest Migration 25 notification sent out — here’s why that matters

On Thursday, the 'Pokémon Go' app sent out a push notification alerting players to the 25th nest migration, telling them to head to a park to find new Pokémon.

'Overwatch' Harassment: Why does everyone hate Mercy?

Despite Mercy being posed as the angelic medic of the popular team shooter 'Overwatch,' she, or the people who play her, might as well be the devil.

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Blizzard selects national committees to choose the 'Overwatch' World Cup 2017 teams

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The latest 'Overwatch' PTR update is a big one. Here's everything that's changing according to Blizzard's patch notes.

'Pokémon Go' Update: Patch 0.55.0/1.25.0 may be causing the game to crash for some players

'Pokémon Go' updates don't always make the game better.

'Overwatch' Update: Mei's Antarctica wall glitch finally addressed, watch out for bans

Mei's wall-phasing tricks are about to become a thing of the past, thanks to an incoming 'Overwatch' update.

'Overwatch' Top 500 Season 3 List: How to check your skill rating rank in competitive play

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Pokémon Go update 0.45.0 and 1.15.0 patch notes: some great new features and one terrible change.

'Overwatch' Sombra ARG devotees are getting their hopes up for a big reveal Nov. 1

The hunt for a new 'Overwatch' character named Sombra is still underway. The latest clues point to something big on Nov. 1.

'Pokémon Go' creator Niantic lifts lifetime bans on app-using players

The 'Pokémon Go' creators will lift a ban on people who used third-party tracking apps.

Restaurants Are Catching All the Customers Thanks to 'Pokémon Go'

One Pokéstop restaurant saw a 50% surge in business.

'Pokémon Go' Players Will Kayak Into the Ocean If It Means Claiming a Gym

After all that kayaking, they deserve a Gyarados.


The History of One of the Most Popular Games, 'Minecraft'

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Here's How Many Billions College Players Will Make During March Madness This Year

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Johnny Manziel's Autograph Isn't the Problem — College Sports Are

It's a problem the NCAA, and we, have long ignored, and as the business of college sports continues to get bigger it's something that needs to be addressed.

Jay Bilas Twitter Rampage Proves the NCAA Shamelessly Exploits Student Athletes

The NCAA doesn't have its head on straight. They are investigating a Heisman trophy winner for accepting payments for signing autographs but at the same time using player's names to make profits.

Inside the Controversy That Has Ultimate Frisbee Players Up in Arms

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Thousands Of Young Americans Are Being Exploited For Labor By A "Nonprofit" Organization

The NCAA is hypocrisy at its finest, using athletes as a means to profit while providing no compensation and limiting their choices for achieving success.

Junior Seau Suicide: NFL is Guilty

Everyone shares the blame when it comes to CTE in football, but only the NFL has the ability to contribute to a solution to the problem.

Why Cry For the NBA?

The NBA may have done irreversible harm to itself by failing to take into account the acrimony many feel towards the nation's economic elite.

Occupy the NBA: How the Lockout is Like OWS

The actions of the NBA's owners in the lockout have mirrored those of Wall Street in the Great Recession.

To Prevent College Sports Scandals, Pay the Players

To reform college athletics, the NCAA should pursue the simple strategy of paying big sport athletes.