Philando Castile: Timeline of events since the Minnesota man was fatally shot by Jeronimo Yanez

Thursday marks one year since Philando Castile was fatally shot by the St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer.

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I watched Standing Rock protesters dance for victory. Then the police arrested us.

In the mud and fire, we were tied and arrested. But the water protectors say their spirits are still intact.

St. Louis police officer said he was asked to "tone down his gayness" on the job

Keith Wildhaber was passed over for a promotion, despite high test scores and excellent performance.

Just wearing a police uniform instantly affects how we perceive others, study shows

Participants who wore a police uniform demonstrated biased attention against people wearing hoodies.

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Here's when 'How to Get Away With Murder' returns to ABC.

Dairy Queen in Illinois shut down after franchise owner called black mom "n*gger"

A franchise owner's racist remarks lead to the closure of an Illinois Dairy Queen.

3-year-old Acen King shot dead by '"road rage" driver in Arkansas

Acen King, 3, is the second toddler to be shot and killed in Little Rock in a month. Neither gunman has been found.

8 of the best 2016 songs with nods to Black Lives Matter

A fight anthem and a call for peace can be the same thing.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West take Alton Sterling's oldest son out for his 16th birthday

It's her first appearance on social media since the October's paris robbery.


Video of Terence Crutcher's police shooting may be "the worst we've seen" yet

Tulsa community leaders who previewed the video footage Sunday say it shows the unarmed black motorist was shot with his hands up.

Trevor Noah shows just how hopeless Donald Trump's efforts to capture the black vote are

"You cannot pitch more police without fixing the police that are already there."

Chicago’s Experimental Policing Tool Is Hurting the People It’s Supposed to Be Helping

A damning report shows the failure of one of the country's top crime-prediction tools.


Tulsa Man Stanley Majors Allegedly Killed Khalid Jabara After Calling Him "Dirty Arab"

Victim's family says Majors has a history of violence other Arab Americans in this community.

Paul O'Neal Police Shooting in Chicago: Everything We Know About the Unarmed Teen's Death

The officers may have violated department policy that prohibits shooting into vehicles when the vehicle is the only threat.

German Train Axe Attack Leaves At Least 20 People Injured, BBC Reports

More than 20 people were injured in a "rampage" by a man wielding an axe on a train, according to the BBC.

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Alton Sterling Shooting Latest Updates: What We Know Now About Baton Rouge Police Killing

Here's what led to the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling.


Diamond Reynolds' Facebook Video Shows Police Shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota

Another black man was shot Wednesday night.

Courts Just Said Turning Location Services On Is Like Telling Police They Can Search You

You're carrying a tracker everywhere you go — you just don't know it.

‘Black-ish’ Will Air Its Most Groundbreaking Episode Yet by Tackling Police Brutality

The show's been building up to tackle this issue for a while.

This Powerful Fashion Video Takes on Police Brutality and Racism

"Is racism alive? Absolutely."