Daniel Radcliffe Oscars 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, Harry Potter is in the house!

Oscar Best Live Action Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Animated Short

Odds to win for Best Live Action Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Animated Short

What Time Are the Oscars On?

8:30 p.m. my friends, unless you're ready for red carpet fun at 5:30.

Oscars 2013 Date and Time

When are the 2013 Oscars? Furthermore, how do I watch them? Answers here.

What Time Are the Oscars?

A very good question. The 2013 Oscars air at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Celebrity Scientologists: 6 Surprising Members Of the Church Of Scientology

We know Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley are part of the religion, but what about the under-the-radar celebrities who call themselves or once called themselves Scientologists?

The Simpsons Season 24: 6 Greatest Guest Star Appearances Of All Time

For a fictional city in an unnamed state, Springfield has seen more than its fair share of guests. Here are six of the greatest celebrity visits in Simpsons history.

Golden Globes - Best TV Comedy Series - Girls

Over Modern Family?

Watch the Oscar's Nominations LIVE

Full live stream of the 2013 Academy Awards nomination announcement here.

'The Simpsons,' Our 23-Year Love Affair With You is the Longest Relationship We've Ever Had

A nostalgic look at America's longest running sitcom, and why we still love it 23 years later.

Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons Explains the Fiscal Cliff

'The Simpsons' is getting all kinds of political. First, Homer voted for Mitt Romney, and now Montgomery Burns is explaining the 'fiscal cliff.'

Revolution TV Show Review: NBC Premiere is Bland, But Episode 2 of the Sci Fi Series Could Succeed

The premiere episode of 'Revolution' didn't quite leave a lasting impression but it didn't ruin its chances of success either. Spoilers!

Arrested Development Season 4: Ron Howard and Jason Bateman Confirm Straight-to-Netflix Rumors

It's really happening this time. Isn't it? Ron Howard and Jason Bateman add gasoline to the 'Arrested Development' Netflix rumor fire.

Ted Movie Trailer: Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Takes His Humor to the Big Screen

Seth MacFarlane's first movie, 'Ted', premieres tomorrow. The animation genius responsible for shows like 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad!', will MacFarlane's humor translate to the silver screen?