Colin Kaepernick searches for “independence” in ancestral trip to Ghana

The free agent quarterback also blasted Fourth of July celebrations with a Frederick Douglass quote.

NFL players donate $20,000 to youth football team that was punished for national anthem protest

"We wanted to make sure that we sent those kids the message that it's OK to stand up for what you believe in," Malcolm Jenkins said.

A conservative magazine called the Philando Castile case a "miscarriage of justice"

The NRA and other gun rights advocates remain silent.

When does 'House of Cards' return? Here's when Netflix's hit show is back

The countdown to the season five premiere of 'House of Cards' on Netflix has begun.

Colin Kaepernick trolls Donald Trump's skinny budget by donating to Meals on Wheels

The donation is just the latest in the quarterback's pledge to donate $1 million of his 2017 salary to charity.

Colin Kaepernick: Here's why Donald Trump is taking credit for NFL player's unemployment

Trump boasted about his role in keeping Kaepernick unemployed after his national anthem protest.

Donald Trump takes credit for bullying Colin Kaepernick out of the NFL

Trump gloated Kaepernick can't sign onto an NFL team because owners don't want to "get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump."

US Soccer has new rules about what players should do during the national anthem

A new policy states U.S. Soccer players must "stand respectfully" during the national anthem.

What has Kate Upton been up to? Here are 7 things to know about the 'Sports Illustrated' model.

'Sports Illustrated' cover model Kate Upton has been busy.

A running list of everything Donald Trump has tweeted in all caps since Election Day

It's a poem of sorts.

Watch Luke Bryan sing the national anthem at the 2017 Super Bowl

Watch the country singer kick off the 2017 Super Bowl with the national anthem.

Colin Kaepernick's protest still shadows the Super Bowl

Kaepernick forced fans to acknowledge that the games they love are political.

Do performers lip sync at the Super Bowl?

The truth is some acts do while others don't. Here's why.

What time is the Super Bowl 2017 kickoff? Here's what to expect

The game is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Jackie Evancho's inauguration performance was a downgrade, according to the internet

Twitter weighs in with hilarious commentary on Evancho's "Star Spangled Banner" performance.

'House of Cards' Season 5 Release Date: Here's when Frank and Claire Underwood will return

What schemes will Underwood have for his return to Netflix?

Andrea Bocelli backs out of Trump inauguration gig amid backlash

Italian tenor drops out of inauguration ceremony amid #boycottBocelli backlash.

Trump inauguration 2017: Latest news, rumors, performers and more

As the 2017 inauguration looms closer, jokes, bullying and critics become more prominent.

Who is Jackie Evancho? The singer announced for Donald Trump's inauguration

From 'America's Got Talent' runner-up to Trump's shining inauguration angel.

Inauguration Day 2017: Jackie Evancho to sing national anthem

Jackie Evancho will sing the National Anthem at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017.

Michigan firefighter fired for calling black woman "nigger," saying go "back to the field"

Ryan Hudson was fired from the Belding Fire Department after Facebook tirade.

What did Tomi Lahren say about Colin Kaepernick?

"I don't see what he's protesting." Tomi Lahren failed to defend her criticisms of Kaepernick on 'The Daily Show.'

"Star-Spangled Banner" rewritten for a Trump America: Listen here

It's a more somber, wistful version of our anthem to suit the times, called the "Hate-Strangled Banner."

Colin Kaepernick’s explanation for why he wore a Muhammad Ali shirt is absolutely perfect

At a press conference, the quarterback honors the legendary boxer.


Activist Quanell X schools white Fox host for criticizing girl who kneeled during pledge

History will vindicate people who take a knee during the anthem, Quanell X said.

Colin Kaepernick calls Trump, Clinton "proven liars," puts twist on Trump's slogan

Kaepernick suggested that while he may be with her, he isn't happy about it. But he saved his harshest words for Trump.

Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest continues to spread like wildfire

Protests are showing up on the National Mall and at Major League Baseball games.

An Oakland middle and high school band knelt at the A's game, and the crowd loved it

"The crowd responded with enthusiastic applause."