May Day protesters apparently threw cans of Pepsi at police officers in Portland

It's the perfect analogy for 2017 — the year U.S. politics and pop culture became inextricable in the worst way possible.

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Anarchist protesters faced off against police on Friday.

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13 powerful photos show the Alfred Olango police shooting protests happening in El Cajon

Black lives matter. Alfred Olongo's life matter.

Florida police officers fatally shoot a man eating chicken wings in his backyard

The officers had been called to the scene to settle a domestic dispute.

This "Street Librarian" Is Helping Homeless People Through Literature

"?We have narratives, I think, that we make about people who are living outside that helps us walk past them."

Death of Philando Castile, Black Man Killed by Police in Minnesota, Sparks Protests

Protesters gathered outside the home of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to protest Philando Castile's death.


Londoner Azmina Made a Man Apologize on Camera for Sexually Assaulting Her

He hit her in the crotch and walked away. She refused to let him get away with it.

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What It Was Like to Experience the Paris Attack, From a Student Who Lived Through It

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'Girls' Season 5: Teaser, Release Date and More for HBO Series

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Virtual Reality Finally Shows Men What It's Like to Be Catcalled on the Street

It's not the "compliment" harassers say it is.

#BuyPens Campaign Raises $145,000 for Syrian Refugees in Just Three Days

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Miley Cyrus Hit the Streets Undercover to Find Out What People Really Think About Her

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This Year's Santacon Promises Not to Be a Drunken Bro-Fest

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