Marie Kondo: Why a tidier life is a richer — and happier — one

Marie Kondo, author of 'Spark Joy' and 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,' explains how a tidy, orderly life is a more successful one, in an exclusive interview with 'Mic.'

How to tip in every situation — and when to break the rules on tipping

How much to tip? That's the eternal question. Here is a definitive guide to the rules for tipping — and how to tip movers, Uber drivers, delivery, waiters and more.

How much to tip movers, taxi or Uber drivers, barbers, and for pizza delivery or massages

Here's how much you should tip all the service workers in your life.

This is how to figure out what Facebook thinks your politics are

How does Facebook know so much about us?

Frank Ocean's 'Endless' is here, but 'Boys Don't Cry' may still be coming this weekend

It seems there's a lot more Frank #Content on the way.

With Huge, Expensive VR Rigs, Porn Stars' Jobs Are Getting a Lot Harder

Porn stars of the future have a heavy burden to bear.

Here's What Happens When You Text Pornhub an Eggplant Emoji

The response will not surprise you.

This Gay New Jersey Waitress Might Have Made It All Up

The verdict's still out, but it looks like the anti-gay missive written on a receipt this waitress claimed to have received might have been a complete and utter lie.

Watch What Happens When This Waitress Gets a $500 Tip On a Pizza

A sibling fulfilled his brother's dying wish, and tipped a server $500. Now that the video's gone viral, he's doing it all across the country.

Mic Check: Scientists Bring Extinct Species Back From the Dead

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