What's leaving Netflix in April 2017? Don't miss these departing movies and TV shows.

You don't have much longer to enjoy these titles on Netflix.

'Pokémon Go' Best Gym Defenders and Movesets: Chart reveals best team post-balance update

What are the best gym defenders in 'Pokémon Go'? If you've been paying attention, you can guess.

'Pokémon Go' Update: 20 best attackers and defenders after TDO and CP changes

'Pokémon Go' update: The new Pokémon rankings following the balance update have been calculated.

What we know about Bryan Mason, the police officer who shot 13-year-old Tyre King

Officials named the officer on Thursday, following the shooting death of a black teenager allegedly armed with a toy gun.

Reese Witherspoon at the 'Glamour' Women of the Year Awards: "Female-Driven Films Work"

"Films with women at the center are not a public service project."


You Probably Live in One of the 20 Worst Countries for Internet Censorship

Reporters Without Borders has announced that these nations are the "Enemies of the Internet" ... and it's not who you think.

46 Countries Ranked Above America on This Map of Press Freedom Around the World

That puts us below Papua New Guinea and Romania, and just above Haiti and Niger.

Emmys Snubs 2013: Give Some Love to 'Happy Endings'

Although it was cancelled this summer, cult sitcom 'Happy Endings' was one of the funniest shows on television.


News Agencies Begin Ignoring Climate Change, Because America Doesn't Care

Reuters and others are decreasing their coverage of climate change, as polls show the issue growing increasingly unimportant to Americans.

'Arrested Development' Netflix 2013 Release: What the Series Needs to Do to Be Great

All 15 'Arrested Development' episodes will drop simultaneously on May 26, and can be viewed in any order on Netflix.

I Was Wrong About the Boston Bomber's Name, and What It Tells Us About Social Media

Yesterday I wrote an article that included a reference to a missing person who had been identified as a suspect on the Boston Police scanner. I was wrong, and here's why it matters.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: The 2 Biggest Lessons For the U.S.

The global economy might be at risk as Cyprus struggles with their banking crisis. Big government is to blame, not capital mobility and economic freedom.

Paul Ryan Budget Problems: Ryan Budget is Fake, Says Paul Krugman

“The Ryan budget is full of [...] magic asterisks. It's not a real budget. It's a fake document," said the Nobel laureate in economics.

Millennials and Baby Boomers Migrating to Cities: What It Means for the City of the Future

The surprising convergence of the needs of Millennials and Baby Boomers is creating great opportunities for business and public policy in cities across America.

Top 3 Stupidest Holiday Gifts For Women

After Black Friday, the holiday shopping season is officially upon as. As you search for appropriate gifts for the women in your life, give these three gift ideas a miss.

Revolution TV Show Finale: Giancarlo Esposito and JJ Abrams Make The NBC Drama a Ratings Hit

'Revolution' has been a ratings darling from the get go. As the series' fall finale airs, what makes it so successful? And can the success survive?

Thanksgiving 2012: Top 7 Things Millennials Have to be Thankful For

Millennials face dreary economic woes, which may have turned us into the most disaffected, apathetic generation ever, or whatever. But on Thanksgiving, we must remember our gifts — via GIFs.

Obama Policies Have Made Washington the Richest City in the Country at the Expense of Average Americans

The policies that make D.C.'s the richest city in the country are the same ones that are holding the rest of America back.


The Politics of Fluff: How Politicians Say Everything Without Saying Anything at All

In the United States, politicians respond to the people. If we want real debate that solves problems, we need to raise our standards.