Trump started an anti-immigrant hotline. People are trolling it with tales of aliens.

The trolling level was out of this world.


Fresno shooting spree leaves 3 dead in apparent "random act of violence"

The suspect yelled "Ali Akbar" as he was taken into custody.

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Day 2 prompts tears, objections over victims' family testimony

As federal prosecutors made their way through a lengthy list of victims' family witnesses, Dylann Roof raised concerns in court.

Berlin Attack: The latest news on the victims of the Christmas market tragedy

Here's what we know so far about the victims of Monday's attack.

Dylann Roof Trial: Day 2 opens old wounds with photo evidence, more emotional testimony

People in the gallery dabbed at their eyes as they saw the images of their loved ones.

The horrifying but legal way an Oregon sexual assault victim wound up in jail

Material witness holds put innocent people in jail — even sexual assault victims.


Latest News on Phoenix, Arizona, "Serial Street Shooter": 7 Dead and 2 Wounded

Police have named the man who has killed seven people in Phoenix "the serial street shooter."

Justin Bieber Tweets the #OrlandoStrong Pulse Massacre Hashtag to Promote Purpose Tour

The majority of tweets boasting the #OrlandoStrong hashtag were about the survivors of the massacre at Pulse.

Sandy Hook Mother Pens Open Letter To the Families of Orlando Shooting Victims

A Sandy Hook victim's mother reaches out to the families of the Orlando shooting victims.

On Live TV, Anderson Cooper Held Back Tears as He Read the Names of the Pulse Victims

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper held a poignant tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

The Suspected Shooter in Thursday's School Shooting Is Allegedly Responsible for Another

This story is breaking.


The Journalist Behind This Viral Photo of the Brussels Attacks Speaks Out

Two women shared a touching interaction in the midst of terror during Tuesday's attacks in Brussels.

Shooting Near New York's Penn Station Leaves Two Injured and One Dead

This story is still developing.

These Are the 2 Women Killed in the Lafayette 'Trainwreck' Shooting

Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson.

In 3 Minutes, This Video Exposes Why So Many Survivors Don't Report Their Assaults

"This whole system is set up against the victims!" Yup.

Bill Cosby's Wife Tried to Exonerate Her Husband in the Worst Way Possible

Her comments made one big mistake.


This 911 Dispatcher's Terrible Call Shows Exactly How Not to Help a Rape Victim

Listen to the audio and prepare to be mortified.

Brashear High School Shooting LIVE Video: 3 Shot Outside Pittsburgh School

Police have confirmed that three people were shot outside Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and are currently looking for the culprit.

Read the Heartbreaking Letter From Aaron Alexis's Mother

Cathleen Alexis released a short statement on Wednesday apologizing for her son's brutal actions.


Nidal Hasan Trial: Death Penalty Verdict For Fort Hood Shooter

A military jury has sentenced Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan to death on Wednesday.

How Kitchen Spoons Can Stop Forced Marriage

An organization in the U.K. is encouraging would-be forced marriage victims to put spoons in their underwear. This is why.

Ariel Castro: "I Was Also a Victim, Will Miss My Daughter"

Amanda Berry's kidnapper accepted a plea deal that will avoid the death penalty as well as the need for his alleged victims to testify.

New York Post Boston Bombing Lawsuit: Falsely Accused Bombers Sue Paper

Being wrongfully labeled a terrorist is not just a small inconvenience that can be remedied with an apology. These individuals have every right to press charges against the Post.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Connecticut Passes Law Barring Release Of Photos, Videos

A new law that shields these pictures from the public sends the message that we should hide and forget all about this tragedy.


How Millennials Can Put An End to Street Harassment

Last week may have marked the end of the worldwide Anti-Street Harassment Week, but there are plenty of things you can do today to make every street safe.

Canadian Man Sexually Assaulted By Four Women, Showing Rape Goes Both Ways

A man was sexually assaulted by 4 women, and the consequences of his coming forward to report the incident shows just how far we have to come when it comes to the sexual assault of men.

'Pain & Gain' Was the Worst Movie Idea Ever

Michael Bay is adapting a series of real-life murders from the 80s into an action-comedy film, and victims of the crimes are rightfully enraged.

Ohio Rape Trial: News Agencies Broadcast Name Of 16-Year Old Victim

On Monday, news networks allowed the name of the victim in the Steubenville rape trial to air without being redacted, and that is reprehensible.