Telltale Reveals ‘The Wolf Among Us’ Season 2, ‘Batman: The Enemy Within,’ Final ‘The Walking Dead’

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'Fear The Walking Dead' actress Alycia Debnam-Carey on Alicia’s journey and her beloved switchblade

"I hoped that it would become her weapon and synonymous with how she kills."

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'Fear the Walking Dead' showrunner Dave Erickson on Daniel Salazar's season 3 reappearance

"Daniel is back and we looked forward to bringing him back for a long time."

'Fear the Walking Dead' actor Colman Domingo on Strand's journey, that Travis shocker and season 3

"Strand is reassessing clemency and what is the most valuable thing right now."

The 'Fear The Walking Dead' season 3 premiere showed a lot of guts with a shocking death

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'The Walking Dead' actor Daniel Newman comes out in inspiring YouTube video

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 finale: 5 things that need to be accomplished in episode 16


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