While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from the Trump administration that aren’t about counting votes

As the nation was rapt by ballot counting in a number of outstanding contests from the midterm elections, Trump administration continued to hum along, crafting new regulations and nixing others.

The media strikes back as Trump is sued over stifling of free speech

The lawsuit alleges that Trump's attacks on the press violate First Amendment rights both for journalists and those who consume news.

“Rot in hell Dave”: Abigail Spanberger fires campaign workers over note left on opponent’s door

Brat called both Capitol police and Henrico County police, according to the report.

Trump predicts ‘New York Times’ and ‘Washington Post’ will be “out of business in 7 years”

Trump calls out the media for quoting anonymous sources "that, in my opinion, don't exist."

Government, scrambling to meet court deadline, requests more time for reuniting separated families

The deadline for reuniting the children under 5 that the U.S. government separated from their families is Tuesday, but officials are asking for more time.

6 key takeaways from John Kelly’s reported fall from Trump’s good graces

According to a new report, things are not going smoothly for White House chief of staff John Kelly.

Trump blasts Obama, Putin, Assad and the press in Sunday morning tweetstorm

Trump tweeted about the 'Washington Post,' China, Syria and President Barack Obama in his Sunday morning tweets.

Trump continues attacks on Amazon, takes aim at California Gov. Jerry Brown in tweetstorm

Trump has apparently taken to calling the governor "Moonbeam."

These celebrities are planning to attend and support the March for Our Lives

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Amy Schumer are just some of the people throwing their support behind Saturday's marches.

Unreliable sources: A look at the worst media moments this week that weren’t about indicted Russians

Here’s a look at some of the more cringe-worthy takes and media mistakes from this week.

Can you trust gift guides and product reviews online? What consumers must know about affiliate links

Best gifts lists, book reviews — you probably rely on countless guides online to inform your decisions about what to buy. But do you know when your source is actually earning a commission?

Steven Mnuchin says White House has never asked him not to “use certain words” amid CDC report

Mnuchin's denial comes amid reports that the Trump administration is restricting the use of certain terms throughout the federal government.

Nancy Pelosi: Trump putting US on dangerous path to “word and thought control”

The Trump administration this week prohibited the CDC from using certain words, including "transgender" and "science-based."

Here’s everything you should know about the Pentagon Papers before going to see ‘The Post’

The 1971 leak of documents on Vietnam sparked a controversy that still feels relevant today.

Report: ‘Washington Post’ catches woman falsifying claims against Roy Moore

The woman, named as Jaime T. Phillips, claimed she was impregnated by Roy Moore as a teenager.

Military personnel being investigated for contact with foreign women during Trump’s trip to Asia

The officials in question allegedly broke curfew during Trump’s stopover in Vietnam near the close of his 12-day tour of Asia.


Trump administration ends provisional residency for 59,000 Haitians

Haitians living under the protected status must now leave the United States by July 22, 2019.

GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl in 1979

The accusations come a month before voters head to the polls in the Alabama Senate special election to replace Jeff Sessions.

The gender wage gap is closing — but not for the reason you think

So when can we expect gender parity in our salaries? Not any time soon, according to experts.

Calls grow among Democrats to remove Confederate monuments from the U.S. Capitol

Republican leaders are unlikely to support removal of the monuments.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t have fallen for Elon Musk’s hyperloop plans

Musk claims the hyperloop will take us from New York to D.C. in under 30 minutes, but where's the proof?


Democratic senator calls for removal of Education Dept. civil rights head for sexual assault comment

The acting assistant secretary for civil rights said 90% of sexual assault cases can be attributed to alcohol.

Trump administration considering expanding deportation powers

The proposed policy would authorize Homeland Security to expedite the deportations of more undocumented immigrants.

18-year-old man charged with intentionally hitting transgender woman with his car

The police say the suspect allegedly used his vehicle "as a weapon."

Counter-protesters drown out KKK rally protesting removal of Confederate statue

About 50 Loyal White Knights showed up to a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. About 1,000 counter-protesters met them there.

Court rules against Donald Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt on methane rules

But EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is trying to eliminate dozens of other rules.


President Trump's travel ban officially goes into effect

The travel ban is officially here.

Here are all the ways to watch Thursday's congressional baseball game

The charity game will be available on television, radio and streaming.

Blimp catches fire and crashes at the U.S. Open

One person was injured and taken to a local hospital.

Reports: Officials identify Alexandria shooting suspect as James T. Hodgkinson

Alexandria police did not immediately identify the suspect. Here's what is known from the witnesses at the scene.