NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio issues guidance on city’s controversial monuments

The city will only remove one of its controversial statues, but add context and commission works honoring underrepresented groups.

Steve Bannon apparently called Paul Ryan a “limp-dick motherf*cker”

Bannon also called Ryan part of the "globalist donor class."

Paul Ryan says avoiding government shutdown, not repealing Obamacare is current priority

Republicans in Congress are trying to work out a deal to replace the ACA, but don't seem to have made much progress.

Earth Day Quotes 2017: 23 quotes about the environment that ring true now more than ever

Words by Shakespeare, Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin now ring truer than ever before.

Is Ivanka Trump's new White House job a cause for concern?

Ivanka Trump now has an office in the White House and an officially unofficial position as her father's advisor. Does this matter?

White House analysis suggests GOP health care bill may see even more insurance losses

According to a new analysis from the executive branch, more Americans will lose their insurance than the CBO predicted.

For Presidents Day, here are 9 inspiring quotes from past US presidents

"We are a nation of many nationalities, many races, many religions."

Your US passport has a hidden — and powerful — message about immigrants

This quote, hidden in US passports, is the lesson we all need.

Samantha Bee’s alt-White House Correspondents' Dinner is the roast we’ll need in 2017

We can't wait for the "Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner."

Search "asshole" or "fascist" on Twitter and Donald Trump is the first result

Well, he is fond of being number one.

5 horrifying things companies used to get away with before government regulation

Donald Trump said he wants to scrap 75% of existing regulations.

Trump gave his inauguration the same name that Woodrow Wilson gave the kickoff of the WWI draft

The last time a president proclaimed a national "day of patriotic devotion," he was sending Americans to war.

What does the president say when they take the oath of office?

One doesn't say much when taking the oath to become POTUS.

Omarosa, former 'Apprentice' star, reportedly joining Donald Trump administration

Trump has reportedly hired Omarosa for a position in his administration.

Republicans in Congress fear Donald Trump's 'Breitbart'-fueled internet mob

Not many Republican politicians speak out against Donald Trump — because of what happens to those who do.


Donald Trump officially wins Michigan, breaks 300 Electoral College votes

But experts agree, Trump's victory is not a landslide win.

Will Ivanka Trump run for office? What we know about Trump daughter's political aspiration

Ivanka Trump has been a key figure in President-elect Donald Trump's rise to the White House.

Paul Ryan renominated House Speaker in a unanimous vote

Paul Ryan will be House Speaker of the 115th Congress.

Why Politicians Can Get Away With Using Songs That Aren't Approved By Artists

Queen, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Earth, Wind & Fire have all cried foul. How can this keep happening?

Peter Thiel Criticizes the GOP for Starting "Fake Culture Wars" With Anti-LGBTQ Platform

Peter Thiel declares he's "proud to be gay" in speech at the Republican National Convention.

Chris Christie Held RNC Mock Trial Against Hillary Clinton, Who Had the Perfect Response

Despite facing his own legal woes, Chris Christie held a "mock trial" against Hillary Clinton at the RNC Tuesday night.

When Will Donald Trump Speak at RNC 2016? Here's When the Candidate Is Scheduled to Appear

Here's when Donald Trump will take the RNC stage.

2016 Pennsylvania Republican Primary: Donald Trump Demolishes Kasich and Cruz

It's a key win in the Keystone State.

When Is the 2016 Republican National Convention? Date and Time for GOP's Big Night

Here's what you need to know about the Republican National Convention.

The Little-Known Story of Elizabeth Warren's Republican Past Reveals So Much About the GOP

Her journey tells us about how far America has to go.