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Samantha Bee calls Kellyanne Conway a "spokes-cobra" in sarcastic, "feminist" tribute

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Crafty Woman Fights Internet Trolls By Using Their Words Against Them

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Aziz Ansari Just Came Out as a Feminist With One Perfectly Simple Analogy

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I'm So Over "Sexy" Halloween Costumes


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The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago and Jane Gerhard at the Brooklyn Museum

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Feminist Summer Camp? Yes, Please!

Feeling a little isolated in your activism? Want to learn more about feminism in practice and meet more awesome fellow feminists? Sign up for Soapbox's Feminist Camp!

Stop Policing and Questioning Beyonce's Feminist Credentials

When white liberal feminists label Beyoncé as anti-feminist, they are simply perpetuating the same racist partiarchy they're supposed to be combating.

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Duke University's Write(h)ers program teaches aspiring feminist writer-activists the how-to's of blogging. Online feminism is the future.

Mainstream Feminism Has Alienated a Lot Of Women, and This Needs to Stop

When women complain of feeling ostracized, sidelined, and omitted from feminism, we cannot dismiss them with a wave of our hand in the name of unity.