8 arrested in Greece death of American graduate Bakari Henderson

Six Serbian tourists and two others were arrested for the death of the 22-year-old American.


Angelina Jolie's children snack on insects, because of course they do

"They can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips."

The vice admiral who declined Trump's offer for Mike Flynn's job doesn't want to talk about it

Trump's press conference is what convinced Vice Adm. Robert Harward to decline the job.

Head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson Thinks Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Is a Terrible Idea

Jeh Johnson says the key to keeping America safe does not include a blanket ban on Muslim immigrants.

Ted Cruz Tells Gay GOP Voter the Only Protection He Needs Is Religious Liberty

Ted Cruz told a gay GOP voter that religious freedom is more important than equality.

This Baby Was Born With the Most Absurd Head of Hair

Maybe it's Maybelline?


Donald Trump Says Protesters Are Partially to Blame for Violence at Rallies

Donald Trump puts a portion of the blame for rally violence on protesters, but how much responsibility is his?

Was Edward Snowden a Russian Spy All Along?

Don't believe everything you hear.

Breaking Season 6 Finale: The End Of TV's Greatest Drama

'Breaking Bad' is over — the show aired its series finale, "Felina," last night. Did it meet expectations? Thoughts — and many, many spoilers — after the jump.

What Channel is the State of the Union On?

Where you should tune in for full coverage of the 2013 State of the Union Address


Harry Reid Calls Embattled Bob Menendez His 'Friend' Amid Underage Sex Scandal

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is so far standing by Senator Bob Menendez, who is alleged to have had sex with under age prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Paul Ryan Budget Problems: Ryan Budget is Fake, Says Paul Krugman

“The Ryan budget is full of [...] magic asterisks. It's not a real budget. It's a fake document," said the Nobel laureate in economics.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Gingrich Says Impossible For Hillary to Lose Democratic Nomination

This week's news highlights: Booker is still considering a race against Christie, top Republicans break the no-tax pledge, and George Zimmerman's family goes on the offensive.

ABC This Week Martha Raddatz Interview: Do Presidential Debates Really Matter

Martha Raddatz impressed the public with her steady hand moderating Thursday night's Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden VP debate. Sunday morning, Raddatz discussed the debate on ABC's "This Week."