Lady Gaga Has Been Banned From China for Talking About Love With the Dalai Lama

Her actions have added her to a long list of celebrities that have been blacklisted for meeting with the spiritual leader.

At Least One Religious Leader Is OK With Gay Marriage

"If two people — a couple — really feel that way is more practical, more sort of satisfaction, both sides fully agree, then okay."

India and China Border Dispute: Will Their Meeting Resolve Anything?

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India's Successful Nuclear Missile Launch Escalates Tensions With China

The successful launch of India's long-range, nuclear-capable missile, highlights the deep-rooted and growing tensions between India and China.

Tibetan Monk Self-Immolation Sparks Violent Chinese Crackdown on Tibet

Chinese oppression of Tibetan religion and culture has recently elicited violent forms of self-expression and erupted into mass protests that have resulted in a harsh crackdown.

China-India Relations Marked by Political Conflict, Economic Partnership

History has shown that Sino-India relations have be fraught with border disputes and diplomatic tensions. But recently, the two are beginning to work together.

Smothering the Flames of Revolution in Tibet

Tibetans' protest for freedom is admirable, but will never gain the attention or critical mass it needs with its pointed message.