What It's Actually Like to Date Someone Who's Celibate

Sex isn't the only thing that matters. But it matters a lot.


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He may not be playing in the game, but he still steals the spotlight with this T-Mobile commercial.

Sports and Politics Are Not Strange Bedfellows, They Are Old Lovers

Despite arguments that political debates taint the mythical purity of American sports, the two arenas can actually impart a great deal of value on each other.

Tim Tebow Liberty University: Athlete Delivers Inspiring Speech At Christian School

Right before Tebow's appearance, the media stressed the fact that he would be speaking at an "anti-gay" school. This was unnecessary, as Tebow didn't touch controversial topics in his speech.

Tim Tebow Liberty University Visit Causes Yet More Controversy

NY Jets quarterback Tim Tebow announced plans to speak at Liberty Universty, sparking criticism from LGBT and civil rights advocates over the university's anti-gay positions.

Tim Tebow Trade Talk Takes Back Seat to Robert Jeffress Controversy

Tim Tebow has made the right move by pulling out of a scheduled appearance at the church of controversial pastor Robert Jeffress.

Tim Tebow Cancels Sermon At Controversial Robert Jeffress' Megachurch

What will the repercussions be for Tebow, and is this the forum where he would finally risk voicing his beliefs on issues like marriage equality?

Tim Tebow is Not the Real Solution to Mark Sanchez and the Jets QB Woes

As the New York Jets continue to struggle, and the performance of Mark Sanchez grows worse, the calls for Tim Tebow are growing louder. But he's hardly the solution to what ails the Jets.

Tim Tebow Says God is More Important Than His Family: Why This Could Be a Problem

Tim Tebow says that his "relationship" with Jesus comes before his own family.

Tim Tebow Joins Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and Wins Good Guy Award

This past week, the Professional Football Writers of America revealed that Tim Tebow is the 2012 recipient of the "Good Guy Award." Are they favoring him because of his marketing potential?

How Tim Tebow and Modern Evangelicals Are Rising to Power in America

Tim Tebow's unique style of cosmopolitan Christianity is a model for how should all approach religion, public service, and our day jobs.

After New York Jets' Introductory Press Conference, Tim Tebow Dives Into Big Apple Temptations

After officially meeting the city that never sleeps in his first press conference as a New York Jet, former Denver Broncos QB meets the temptations offered by the city that never sleeps....

Breaking: Tim Tebow Trade to Jets Mistake, Rex Ryan Thought He Was Trading for "T-bone"

In a historic blunder, the New York Jets mistakenly acquired Tim Tebow because head coach Rex Ryan believed the Broncos were offering him a T-bone steak.

Is Rick Santorum the Tim Tebow / Jeremy Lin of 2012 Politics?

Both have their share of small, unexpected wins, which some might call miraculous, but that does not always mean they are capable of winning the entire game.

Should Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow Run For President?

Tim Tebow said that he may be interested in politics sometime down the road.


Tim Tebow Philippines Charity Work and the Flawed Way Americans View the World

The coverage of Tebow's missionary work in the Philippines ignores the long history of American imperialism in the country.

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The NFL quarterback's values shouldn't be seen as having the ability to influence large groups of people.

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Weigh in: Should celebrities be at the forefront of changing the discussion about gay rights?

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Tebow is proving to be a strong NFL quarterback on the field, but his off the field passion to spread his faith is even more inspiring.