What does the secretary of the Treasury do? 7 key things to know.

The Treasury Secretary has an important job. Here's what you need to know.

Harriet Tubman Will Be on the $20 Bill — And Racist and Sexist Trolls Reacted as Expected

Predictably, people are making racist and sexist remarks about Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

President Obama Has Announced North Korea's Punishment for Hacking Sony

And this punishment is just the beginning.

Here's Everything That Could Happen If the U.S. Breaches the Debt Ceiling

The U.S., like the House of Lannister, always pays its debts.

Obama IRS Scandal: Investigation Cites Lack of Oversight

President Obama will give a statement during what has been a tough week for the president's administration.


Luigi Zingales: "There Is a Huge Potential in the U.S. Today For a Populist, Pro-Market Movement"

Author and economist Luigi Zingales discusses the threats to American capitalism today.

Sheryl Sandberg 'Lean In': Will Book Influence Her to Leave Facebook?

New York magazine argues it's only a matter of time before Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg leaves the social networking site. Regardless of her next move, Sandberg will be a powerful figure.

Obama Should Appoint a Female FCC Chair to Fix His Cabinet's White Man Problem

The Women's Media Center has started a petition on Change.org demanding more diversity in presidential appointments, specifically for the slot of the Federal Communications Commission chair.

Why Jack Lew Would Be Even Worse Than Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary

Politicians gain favor and re-election by buying favors with money they don't have. In this sense, Lew will be even better than Geithner.

Obama Press Conference LIVE Stream: Obama to Nominate Jack Lew As Treasury Secretary At 1:30 PM

President Obama will nominate White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to fill leaving Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's position at 1:30 PM EST. Watch here.


Tim Geithner May Go Directly From Treasury to a Cushy Banking Job

Tim Geithner is done as treasury secretary and his next move may be to get cozy with the very banks that did American wrong.

Jack Lew Signature Goes Viral: Imagine This Ridiculous Signature on the $1 Bill

Jack Lew's qualifications will be endlessly debated in Congress and the media for sure, but one thing is beyond discussion: his signature is the worst in the world.

Jack Lew Secretary of Treasury: Could He Replace Tim Geithner

Every week a new name is floated as a potential replacement for Treasury Secretary Geithner. Jack Lew is one of many names, but who is he?

What Happens if We Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?

A guide to the big tax increases that will be imposed upon Americans if Congress fails to prevent the U.S. from heading over the fiscal cliff.

Fiscal Cliff 2013: With Debt Limit Near, Geithner Takes "Extraordinary" Action to Buy Time

In a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the government will hit the $16.4 trillion debt limit on Dec. 31.


President Obama Second Term Cabinet Will Look Like This

Here are the leaders to take over as Secretary of State, Chief of Staff, and Treasury Secretary.

Ron Paul Would Have Prevented Greek Debt Crisis That Goldman Sachs Helped Create

Supporting a presidential candidate that is funded by the investment bank responsible for Greece's financial collapse isn't that good of an idea.

OWS and the Bilderberg Group: Why This Secret Society of World Leaders Needs to be 'Occupied'

The Bilderberg Group. Never heard of it? Well, don't worry, you are in the majority. Every year, this secretive meeting hosts power players from around the world. So, what are they up to?

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: Two Competing Visions of the Status Quo

While the two Harvard graduates may sound different on the campaign trail, they would likely follow similar policies in office.