Who is Timothy Dolan? Inauguration preacher dubbed political "peacemaker" leads prayer

Dolan was last in the public eye in October, when he facilitated a moment of civility between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


New York archdiocese will offer compensation to church sexual abuse survivors

The announcement was received with mixed reviews from victim advocates.

Pope Francis Tells American Clergy to Tone Down Rhetoric On Abortion and Other Social Issues

On the eve of the election of next top U.S. bishop, papal envoy Carlo Maria Vigano asked bishops to tone down the ideology in an attempt to make the Church more welcoming.

Timothy Dolan Abuse: NYC Cardinal is Still Trying to Sweep Abuse Under the Rug

For an institution that prides itself on morality and religion, the Catholic Church seems to have an awful lot of pedophilia going around.

Former Papal Candidate Says Vatican Should Welcome Gay Community

Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Catholic Church needs to tell the LGBT community that they "love you ... and God loves you." Are his words moving the Church in the right direction?

Pope Francis Installation Mass LIVE Stream: Watch Pope Francis' Investiture Online

The Vatican will host Tuesday delegations from over 130 countries, and multiple religious denominations, who will attend Pope Francis I's Investiture. Watch live here.

Habemus Papam! White Smoke Appears On Top Of Sistine Chapel

The College of Cardinals has chosen a pope.

Sistine Chapel Chimey: Cardinals Enter Chapel For First Vote

Cardinals have entered the Sistine Chapel where they'll vote to elect the next pope after the resignation of Benedict.

When Will the New Pope Be Elected? Thursday, According to Dolan

New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the church will have a new pope by Thursday.

Papal Conclave Vote: Timothy Dolan Expects New Pope Thursday

Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York City, write to New York pirests that he doesn't expect a new pope to be elected today.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan at RNC: Why It Will Mean Little for GOP Attempt to Win Over Catholics

While the media is insisting that Dolan's RNC appearance helps the GOP's attempt to win over the Catholic vote, the majority of Catholics actually disagree with him on most major social issues.