Portland suspect Jeremy Joseph Christian spent years spouting hatred, defending it as "free speech"

A new report paints a telling portrait of the alleged murderer.


Somebody stole a Portland MAX stabbing victim's wedding ring and backpack

Police have yet to identify the suspected thief.

That Awful "World Without Muslims" Post You've Been Seeing Gets One Thing Very, Very Wrong

You'll never guess how much Muslims are responsible for.

11 Iconic Moments From the 90's That Have Shaped Our Generation

And make us who we are today.

Are Domestic Terrorists More Aligned With the Political Left Or the Right?

The worst domestic terrorists were not right wing nutcases; they were leftist radicals.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Media Failed Us With Many False Reports

After the Boston Marathon tragedy, the media gave us false information, in turn perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice against the Muslim American community.

Waco Anniversary: Domestic Terrorists Have Been Hiding Amongst Us the Whole Time

The 20th anniversary of Waco is a story worth telling to new generations because it has reverberations in the present day.

Boston Marathon Suspects At Large, So Media Guesses it Was Because Of Tax Day

Details have been slow to come out of the investigation of the Boston Marathon Bombing. So the media decided to jump to conclusions based on nothing more than that date.

4 Critical Things to Remember After the Boston Bombings

Emotion is running high after Monday's horrific bombings. Here are four crucial take-aways from the event.

Sequestration 2013: Veterans Will Be Affected

Veterans benefits are exempt from the March 1 deadline before sequestration kicks in, but just because there won't be direct cuts doesn't mean there won't be unintended consequences.

James Holmes and Adam Lanza: Did The Second Amendment Help Them Commit Their Massacres?

For the past several years, we have chipped away at our unalienable rights in favor of security. Is it time to go a step further? How far are we willing to go to stop the next Adam Lanza?


In Wake Of Toulouse Terror Attacks, Should Police Create Fake Plots to Entrap Lone Wolf Terrorist?

With the biggest threat to the safety of Americans coming in the form of "lone wolf" terrorists, this policy of quasi-entrapment is the most effective tactic we have.

Multiculturalism in Europe is a Failed Policy

Multiculturalism only further isolates migrants from the host society, and new immigration strategies must be developed to ease social tensions.