Music and culture have become “powerful” tools for rehabilitation in California’s prison system

Music has a life-changing effect on everyone, but perhaps even more so on the incarcerated.

Atlanta P.D. warns city: "No celebratory gunfire!" after Beyoncé's pregnancy news

What, pray tell, are you trying to say, APD?

Who is Paula White? Trump inauguration preacher was once investigated by the Senate

The scoop on inauguration preacher Paula White.

Authorities reportedly investigating Chelsea bombing manifesto

However, the Tumblr post in question may be a hoax.

Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi Says We Need to Change the Way We Talk to Women in the Workplace

"We've got to be treated as executives or people rather than 'honey' or 'sweetie' or 'babe.'"

'Washington Post' Pulls a Cartoon That Depicts Ted Cruz's Children as Dancing Monkeys

Cruz hits the Post hard.


Washington's NFL Team Posted an Incredibly Tone Deaf Thanksgiving Tweet

This is more awkward than anything at your Thanksgiving.

One Victim's Story Reveals Ferguson Police's Dark History of Brutality

Past cases of abuse by the police in Ferguson come to light.

To Understand the Escalating Crisis in Ukraine, Check the Troop Movements on This Map

The worst case scenario may be here sooner than we think.

There's a Way To Discuss Hook-Up Culture and This Wasn't It

Hook-up culture coverage is back and it's still just as annoying.

Women in the World 2013 Recap: Girls' Education, Women in Syria Take the Stage

On April 4, over 1,000 attendees descended upon New York's Lincoln Center for the first evening of programming at the Daily Beast's 2013 Women in the World Summit. Here's what happened.

Why Do So Many People Hate Anne Hathaway?

Why we're so eager to dethrone the Princess of Genovia. We're "Hathahaters" because she is too polished, too prepared, and reeks of insincerity.

Dennis Rodman North Korea: What's the Worm Doing Over There? and Interesting Finds From Across the Internet

A roundup of cool stuff from around the internet, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Gets Fired from Newsweek: A Shock for Journalists Everywhere

Last Thursday, journalist Roban Givhan was laid off in a round of cuts at Newsweek. If a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist can get laid off, where does that leave aspiring journalists