Betsy DeVos’ predecessor says new Title IX rules will dissuade victims from reporting sexual assault

“One of the likely effects of the rules as currently proposed is that people who today would report what happened to them and be protected will now be afraid to do so."

Betsy DeVos releases new rules on sexual harassment and assault that expand rights of the accused

The proposed rules will give accused students full due process rights and raise the bar for what constitutes as sexual harassment.

Report: Trump administration to roll back transgender rights by narrowing definition of gender

A former Obama administration official said the Trump administration's planned move "quite simply negates the humanity of people."

Education Department formally rescinds Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault investigations

The Department of Education made it official on Friday.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 political stories from the week that don’t come with a 6-month deadline

Betsy DeVos kills campus sexual assault protections and an anti-science politician is tapped to lead NASA.

Sexual assault survivor groups and advocates pan Betsy DeVos’ plan for Title IX

Sexual assault advocates say DeVos conflated the number of falsely accused with the number of sexual assault victims — and that she seemed to be unfamiliar with the guidance she attacked.

Betsy DeVos announces rollback of Obama-era Title IX sexual assault guidelines

DeVos said the Obama-era guidelines have "failed too many students."

2012: Year of the Women in Athletics, But is There Equality in Sports?

2012 was hailed by many as the year of the women in athletics. Many say this success has been at men's expense. Whatever you think, we can agree it is time for full-equality.

Why Title IX Has Been Good for Women and Sports

Is Title IX really that bad? Or do we just need a bogeyman to blame things on?

Title IX Turns 40: Advances in Gender Equality Still Need to be Made

In the past 40 years, America has made tremendous progress in terms of gender equality, but as with any social movement we have a long way to go.

Title IX Needs a 21st Century Makeover

Title IX has drastically impacted college athletics, but it is a 40-year-old policy that needs to be updated.