There's Finally Photo Proof Claire McCaskill Shotgunned a Beer When Akin Won GOP Primary

The photo's finally been revealed.

Watch Men Apologize for "Letting" Women Get Abortions

Seriously, fellas?

6 Lessons About Women Every Republican Man Needs to Hear

The GOP announced it's holding sensitivity trainings for Republican men running against women in 2014. Here's what they need to hear.

N.C. Bill Would Falsely Teach That Abortion Leads to Premature Birth

In multiple, states, the GOP is pursuing legislation to change sex education. The new language will reflect their values and promote abstinence and emphasize the risks of abortion.

Todd Akin: Failed Missouri Senate Candidate Has Hollow Regrets Over "Legitimate Rape"

Todd Akin has expressed his regrets about his "legitimate rape" comments from last summer — but only his regrets that what he said derailed his campaign.


Todd Akin Will Never Be a "Legitimate Candidate" Again

Todd Akin recently broke his silence to bemoan his campaign downfall resulting from his "legitimate rape" remarks. Well, Akin will never be a "legitimate candidate" again.

Todd Akin Wants You To Know He's Really Sorry Legitimate Rape Hurt His Career

Todd Akin has had a rough time ever since that fateful day when he became a victim. But now, he's willing to tell us his horrible experiences as a legitimate rape survivor.

Tim Johnson Retirement Opens the Door For GOP Takeover Of the Senate

Conservative activists will undoubtedly see this open seat in a relatively Republican state as an opportunity to install a Senator who has more in common with the Tea Party.

Todd Akin's Rape Comments Get the Law and Order Treatment

Todd Akin's legitimate rape comments will be featured in an episode of Law and Order this week.

5 Reasons to Read Claire McCaskill's Book On Her Race Against Todd Akin

Claire McCaskill is writing a “tell-all” about her run for the Senate against U.S. Rep. Todd Akin. Here are five reasons we can’t wait to get our hands on the book.


6 Most Anti-Woman Politicians in Congress

Some members of the 113th Congress are already working against women's rights. Here are the top 6 worst offenders.

Gun Violence and Rape: 5 Reasons We Fail to Agree On Major Political Debates, Like Gun Control

Our national discussion on a variety of current events is generally unsuccessful. Here's why.

5 Political Memes That Are so 2012

"Four more years," "legitimate rape," "Newtown shooting," "Benghazi attack" "47 percent," these political memes will go down in history as so 2012.

12 Worst Political Gaffes of 2012

Election years never disappoint. The year in political gaffes, complete with 12 hilarious videos.

12 People We Had Never Heard of Before 2012

Before we know it, it will be 2013. But before we get there, let's take a moment to reflect on the new people we met in 2012. PSY, Honey Boo Boo, Lena Dunham ... who else made the list?


2012 Popular Vote: Young Voter Turnout, Feminist Gains this Election Were No Mistake

While pundits and politicians alike focused on getting out the vote before the election, the role of slower forms of political activism and organizing, online and off, must not be forgotten.

Florida Election Results: Mitt Romney Loses in Florida, Campaign Says

While the results for the presidential election in Florida have not been tallied, Allen West and Chris Dorwoth have been unseated and controversial propositions were defeated.

Todd Akin Loses: Mourdock, Mandel Lose Bids for Senate, US Senate Gains Women

After Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost their bids for the Senate, which now includes a record number of women, marking a legitimate defeat for extremists in the GOP.

Who Won the Missouri Senate Race? Todd Akin Loses to Claire McCaskill, on Great Night for Democrats

Claire McCaskill overcame low approval ratings to beat Todd Akin and retain her Senate seat on election night, thanks in large part to Akin's extreme positions.

Claire McCaskill Defeats Todd Akin: Missouri Senate Seat Goes to Democrat McCaskill

In the closely followed Missouri Senate race, Claire McCaskill has defeated her Republican challenger, Todd Akin, and will keep her U.S. Senate seat.


Claire McCaskill Wins Missouri: Akin and Legitimate Rape Lose Seats for GOP

Todd Akin's comments on legitimate rape have proven to be his downfall in his race against Claire McCaskill.

Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock Loss: Rape Comments Crater GOP Senate Chances

The new social conservative Tea Party candidates Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin talked about rape on the campaign trail and cratered the GOP's chances of taking back the Senate.

Missouri Senate Race Results: McCaskill Leads in Polls, Aims to Solidify Support

As the much-discussed Senate race between Todd Akin and Claire McCaskill comes to an end, McCaskill aims to solidify her narrow lead, urging Missourians not to let Akin speak for the state.

McCaskill Akin Polls: Why the Missouri Senate Race Is the One to Watch Next Tuesday

In Missouri the Senate race between Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Todd Akin remains tight, as newest polls indicate. What will happen next week in the Show-Me State?

McCaskill Akin Polls: Akin Still in Running to Win Missouri Senate Race, a Win Which Would Hurt Republicans

Republicans' gradual re-acceptance of Todd Akin reveals fundamental hypocrisies and the prevalence of extremist positions.

McCaskill vs Akin Polls: Akin Gains Lead in Missouri Despite Unpopular Views on Rape and Abortion

After Todd Akin's legitimate rape comment, many thought that he would pose no threat to Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race. But could Akin's views on abortion will be legitimated?

McCaskill Akin Polls: What to Make of the Missouri Senate Race as Todd Akin Loses Ground

New polls show that Claire McCaskill has gained ground against her Republican challenger, Todd Akin. What does this say about the Missouri Senate race?

McCaskill vs Akin Polls: Why Claire McCaskill Will Have to Appeal to Obama to Defeat Akin

Todd Akin's race for the U.S. Senate in Missouri is playing out on a national scale symbolically. The GOP is beginning to back Akin again - what should Claire McCaskill do?

Todd Akin Comments Are Not Deterring Republican Women Voters

Representative Todd Akin's comments were quickly denounced by the Republican party in fear of his stupidity being construed as contagious. But so far, it's not hitting where it hurts: voters.