Cruz Hammers Trump's "New York Values" in New Iowa TV Ad

Cruz is doubling down on his "Trump isn't like you" Iowa theme.


Can Millennials Become the Next Greatest Generation?

Perhaps we can — if we take our responsibility to preserve freedom seriously.

White House Correspondents' Dinner LIVE Stream: Check Out Conan O'Brien Roast the President

Come check out the PolicyMic's live coverage of the 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner, hosted by Conan O'Brien at the Washington Hilton in D.C.

WHCD 2013: Tom Brokaw Called It

He complained earlier this week about how it became Page 6. Well CSPAN's red carpet just proved it.

WHCD 2013 Red Carpet: More TV Stars than News Reports

Stanley from The Office, one of the stars of Two Broke Girls, Ted from How I Met Your Mother, and Sofia Vergara. How are they relevant?

Red Carpet WHCD 2013: Stars Filter In More Than Politicians

These folks passing by my screen are more from TV than from politics.


WHCA Dinner 2013: Why Tom Brokaw Declined His Invitation

Brokaw turned down the invitation to this year's WHCD, citing actress Lindsay Lohan's attendance last year as his "breaking point."

Boston Bombing: Increased Surveillance Will Not Prevent Terrorist Attacks

The only thing increased surveillance will result in, is well, increased surveillance.

Matt Lauer Leaving 'Today': NBC Denies Rumor, Says He's Not Being Replaced

Plummeting "Today Show" ratings have execs looking for a change, but host Matt Lauer isn't going anywhere despite buzz about his possible departure and replacement.

State of the Union - Obama on Climate Change

There will be two big highlights in Obama's other-wise-boring speech: The rebuttals by Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

New CNN President Jeff Zucker Once Had Conan O'Brien Arrested

Jeff Zucker, CNN's new president, once had Conan O'Brien arrested in the middle of a prank at Harvard while they were both undergraduates in the 1980s.


Stephen Colbert Meet the Press Interview and Sunday Political Recap

On Sunday’s "Meet the Press," little was said about the candidates that hasn’t been said yet this far in the election season. But Stephen Colbert said it best.

Do We Even Need Political Conventions Like the RNC Anymore?

Brokaw suggested a one-day affair and a series of rallies across the country at sports stadiums connected to the convention by satellite.

Why Ann Curry Failed at NBC and Where She Will Be Next

Ann Curry was co-host of "The Today Show" for hardly more than one year and left the show last week in tears. Why wasn't she a hit like previous hosts Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira?