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Jack Reacher Movie Release Date: American Bond Arrives on December 15

The film adaptation of Lee Child's 2005 novel 'One Shot,' will be premiered on December 15 with star Tom Cruise prompting comparisons to Ian Fleming's James Bond 007.

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The highly-anticipated Jack Reacher movie, out Dec. 21, is making headlines for its choice of film premiere locale. Tom Cruise and Lee Child chose the unlikely city of Pittsburgh for their debut.

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Atheism is Good For America

Make fun of Scientology all you want, but chances are it's not that much more ridiculous than what you believe.

Facedeals Facebook App is Minority Report Come to Life

A new face recognition program will allow stores to match customers to their Facebook photos and offer them special deals when they walk through the door.

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Katie Holmes became famous after her marriage to Hollywood icon Tom Cruise, and she is now joining a long list of celebs who get even more famous thanks to her divorce.

Scientology At Center of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

Ever since actress Katie Holmes announced her plans last week to divorce Tom Cruise rumors have swirled that Cruise’s religion, Scientology, might be the cause. But, what exactly is Scientology?