iPhone 8 release date may be pushed back as delay rumors resurface

The jury is out for when Apple will unveil the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Release Date Update: Latest rumors suggest September 2017 launch and design leak

We've got more details about the screen size, too.

iPhone 8 Release Date Update: Could Apple's 2017 device be delayed?

Apple rumors suggest the iPhone 8 is having production issues.

Donald Trump's Muslim Ban: A disaster from the start

Trump said any delay in his travel ban would allow "bad dudes" to "rush into our country." His new ban is delayed for 10 days.

'NBA Live 18' Release Date: Fall launch is a bad sign for EA's troubled hoops franchise

The late-year release date for 'NBA Live 18' could lead to more problems for the franchise.

Paul Ryan just failed his first test as Speaker of the House under a unified government

How effective will Paul Ryan be if he can't tame his own conference?

Stephen Colbert gives Newt Gingrich ’the talk’ after disastrous Megyn Kelly interview

"Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast. In fact, you're 73."

Eric Cantor Found 3.4 Million Reasons to Be Happy About Losing His Place in Congress

The ousted majority leader cashes in.


CNN Crossfire Returns, and Let's Hope It Doesn't Suck This Time

CNN's Crossfire is back. With some new features, including a segment at the end where the pundits have to try to actually agree on something, can it forestall Jon Stewart's prophecies of doom?

Red Carpet WHCD 2013: Stars Filter In More Than Politicians

These folks passing by my screen are more from TV than from politics.

'Crossfire' Revival Could Backfire Horribly

With talks of Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter as hosts, the re-launch of the show could just prove to be another instance of partisan bickering and ultimate shouting matches.

How Republicans Plan to Keep the House, Even as They Lose Votes

Republicans seem unwilling to change their platform in accordance with the changing national political climate, so they've decided to do the next best thing: hold onto power by gerrymandering.

Ron Paul Supporters: The GOP Has Not Really Incorporated Libertarian Views Into Their Platform

The truth about the GOP platform that so many are preaching was a win for Ron Paul slips out.


Ron Paul RNC Convention Rally Will Show Why He is the Only Popular Republican Candidate

Paul Festival 2012, Freedom Festival 2012, and the South Florida Sun Dome noontime event, will rally Ron Paul's delegates and supporters ahead of the RNC in Tampa, Florida.

Egypt Presidential Election Results Delayed: Is the Army Complicit to Blame?

The announcement of Egypt's presidential runoff elections have been delayed, causing speculation that the Army is either complicit in the revolution's undermining or simply incompetent.

Ron Paul is the Only One Who Can Save America From 4 More Years of Obama

Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents real conservatism, and Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich simply don't seem to get it.

SpaceX Delays Dragon Capsule Launch Again, But Will Be Successful

SpaceX has been forced to delay its launch for a second time, but this should give it time to be even better prepared for a successful mission.

Live: New York Republican Primary: Who Won?

Live blog of Tuesday's Republican primary elections in New York.


Newt Gingrich Is Everything That is Wrong With American Politics

Newt perfectly represents the political climate of the United States today: unpaid debt, misinterpretation of the First Amendment, and delusions of unchallenged power. Let's make him president.

5 Things Newt Gingrich Can Do After Dropping Out

It's been fun, but Newt Gingrich's candidacy is over. Here are five ways Newt can spend his post-campaign time.

Newt Gingrich Loses Backing of Sheldon Adelson, Time to Quit Republican Race

There’s no way Gingrich is going to win the Republican nomination, so why is he still in the presidential race?

Ron Paul Will Quit Republican 2012 Presidential Race

Expect the libertarian to be the next GOP candidate to drop out of this race.

The 5 Most Popular PolicyMic Stories This Week

This week's stories ranged from the return of Occupy Wall Street to the controversy over red meat. Here are the top five stories people were reading, sharing, and commenting on this week.


Ron Paul Will Not Win the Nomination, but Mitt Romney Might Not Either

Ron Paul has almost no chance of winning the nomination, but Romney hasn't locked it up either.

Mitt Romney Wins Ohio, Says Intrade

Mitt Romney's Super Tuesday victories were no surprise to the Intrade market.

Newt Gingrich Will Win Georgia Republican Primary By a Landslide

Gingrich needs to win Georgia to keep his campaign afloat.