Hype List: What to check out, including ‘The Post’, ‘Gunpowder’ and more

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Here’s everything you should know about the Pentagon Papers before going to see ‘The Post’

The 1971 leak of documents on Vietnam sparked a controversy that still feels relevant today.

‘Mafia 3’ DLC: “Sign of the Times” release date will bring cult-killings to New Bordeaux

The third and final 'Mafia III' DLC is out later this month.

'SNL' cold open parodies Jeff Sessions as 'Forrest Gump'

The attorney general put a new spin on the classic 1994 film.

How long will the People's Choice Awards last? Start and end times for Wednesday's show

The People's Choice Awards will air from 9-11 p.m. Eastern Jan. 18.

What's leaving Netflix in January 2017? Here's the top 6 titles.

Here's the perfect mix of movies to close out 2016.

What's leaving Netflix in December 2016? Here's the top 6 titles disappearing this month.

The highway to the danger zone ends on Netflix in December.

25 Days Of Christmas 2016 Schedule: Freeform movie and holiday special lineup

No need to leave your couch in December.

‘SNL' tackles the third debate and Leslie Jones speaks out about being hacked

"If you want to hurt anyone these days, you're gonna have to do way more than leak their nudes or call them names."

'Sully' Trailer: Watch Tom Hanks as Chesley Sullenberger, "Miracle on the Hudson" Pilot

No, this isn't an 'Uncharted' spin-off.

In Memoriam: Quavo of Migos Declares the Dab Officially Dead

The latest internet trend meets its untimely end: the viral Atlanta dance, the dab.

Hollywood's Ageism Is Most Obvious in One Kind of Character: Moms

How old are the moms in movies?

Oscar Snubs 2014: This Year's Oscar Snubs Are Crazy

Is it really possible to turn down Oprah?

'Saving Mr. Banks': There Probably Won't Be Any Nazis In Disney's Latest Movie

Forrest Gump's winning smile may help us look past Walt's unsavory politics.

New York Film Festival 2013: 9 Films You Can't Miss

The Coen brothers, Paul Greengrass, and Alexander Payne all have films at this year's festival. The exciting lineup features movies we'll be talking about all the way through the Oscars.

15 Best Coming-Of-Age Summer Movies

Here are 15 movies about characters learning the challenges and lessons of growing up. These picks are so good you simply cannot watch them too many times.

Tony Award Winners 2013: Tony Award Nominees, Performances, and LIVE Updates

Live blogging the biggest night in theater: the 2013 Tony Awards.

Tony Award Winners 2013 Best Featured Actor In a Play: Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance wins the first Tony of the night for his performance in 'Lucky Guy.'

What Time Are the Tony Awards On?

Be at your TV set at 8 p.m sharp to catch everything.

What Time Are the Tony Awards?

Tune in Sunday night for the 67th annual Tony Awards.

Tony Award Nominations List 2013: Full List Of Nominees

Nominees for the 67th annual Tony Awards were announced Tuesday morning. Let the winner speculation begin.

5 Reasons Mermaids Are the New Vampires

Vampires may be popular right now, but mermaids are becoming the creature of fascination.

5 Ways Kids Born in the 21st Century Will Be Different From Us

We all have some idea of what it means to be a millenial but what about kids born after the year 2000? How will "Generation Z" be different from us?

Tom Hanks On Broadway: Are Celebrities Ruining Broadway?

The upcoming theater season features quite a few household names from film, TV, and music, but can they carry their weight on the Great White Way?

Live from the Red Carpet

Follow along for live coverage of the 85th annual Academy Awards!