Grenfell Tower Fire: Theresa May apologizes for government response in Parliament speech

The prime minister apologized for the government's poor response to the deadly blaze.


Trump reportedly postpones UK visit until he feels he has the support of the British people

Trump wants the Brits to support his visit. He might be in for a long wait.

Top Theresa May aides resign after conservative UK election humiliation

May's chiefs of staff are out after "huge disappointment" in early U.K. election ahead of Brexit talks.

UK Election Results: Conservatives lose majority in huge blow to Prime Minister Theresa May

May loses her majority and will face a hung Parliament, casting coming Brexit talks in a shadow of uncertainty.

Here's the record-breaking sum Barack and Michelle Obama will be paid for their memoirs

Publishers are thirsty for the next Obama book.

Hillary Clinton glides to victory in the last debate while Donald Trump flails on stage

Time is running out for Donald Trump, and he did nothing in Las Vegas to change the direction of the race.


7-Year British Inquiry into Iraq War Censures Tony Blair: Military Action Wasn't Necessary

"For all of this I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you can ever know or believe."

Jeremy Corbyn Loses Labour Party Vote of No Confidence in Brexit Aftermath

Brexit has now functionally destroyed the leadership of both major British political parties.

Who Was Jo Cox? All the Positions the British Labour Party PM Fought for

Jo Cox was one of the more progressive MPs of the Labour Party.

Who Is Thomas "Tommy" Mair? What We Know About Jo Cox Shooting Suspect

Thomas Mair is the chief suspect in British MP Jo Cox's death.

Jo Cox Killed; Thomas Mair Named as Suspect Who Shot and Stabbed British Labour MP

Police are investigating whether Jo Cox's assailant shouted a far-right political cry before attacking her.

Howard Dean Says Bernie Sanders "Could End Up Being the Next Ralph Nader"

Dean made the comments on 'Special Relationship,' Mic's podcast with the 'Economist.'

20,000 Bees Followed This Car for Days Because Their Queen Was Trapped Inside

Come at the queen, you best not miss.

Sadiq Khan Elected First Muslim Mayor of London in Triumph Over Islamophobia

Conservatives are calling out opponent Zac Goldsmith for smearing Khan as an extremist.

Tony Blair Finally Apologizes for All the "Mistakes" Made During the Iraq War

While Blair defended the opportunity to take out Saddam Hussein, he also said the invaders screwed some things up big time.


Queen Elizabeth II Is the Ultimate Queen of IDGAF Style

Ain't nobody got time for trends when you're the queen.

This Politician Has Two Choice Words for Reporters Asking About Her Weight

No, she didn't say "thank you."

After the UK Elections, the Country Now Looks a Lot Like Maggie Simpson

The Conservative party has a commanding control of the country.

The Internet Has a Message For Tony Blair Now That He's Babbling About the Middle East Again

Because he proved such a visionary on Middle East issues while he was in power ...

London Attack: Police Investigate Fire At Mosque As Possible Hate Crime

The recent fire at an Islamic center in North London has raised concerns about hate crimes in retaliation for the murder of a British soldier.


Is the UK Independence Party the United Kingdom's Tea Party?

Tea Party-like UKIP explodes onto the UK political scene by getting over 25% of the total vote. The major parties are reeling and unsure how to react.

Obama States by the End of Next Year, War in Afghanistan Will Be Over

There will be two big highlights in Obama's other-wise-boring speech: The rebuttals by Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

British Election Results: David Cameron Crushed by Labour, in Blow to Austerity

The British elections results confirm that popular opinion in the UK is rapidly turning away from David Cameron and his ideology of Austerity.

Big Money Influences Poses a Major Problem in British Politics

Some things, like political cash scandals, never change. Whilst politicians will be rallying for investigations and inquiries, the big-money-equals-big-influence culture will never change.

The Next Steps for Occupy Wall Street

As Occupy Wall Street contemplates its next move, here are some suggestions for tactics, goals, and presentation.


Peace in Middle East is a Long Way Off With Tony Blair Involved

With unclear loyalties and a shady financial record, former Prime Minister Tony Blair should be nowhere near the helm of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.