Police body cams are meant to increase transparency, but officials limit access to protect officers

It's the opposite of what body cams were created to do.


Watch Westboro Baptist Church Protest "Fraud" Kim Davis Over Her Four Marriages

According to WBC preacher Steve Drain, Davis joined the ranks of people who "hate the word of God."

Kansas Is So Broke It Has to Auction Off Sex Toys

Dire circumstances call for desperate measures.

Here's How Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelp's Funeral Was Protested

Fred Phelps got protestors at his funeral. And their sign was perfect.


Boston Memorial Service: Westboro Baptist Church Apparently Absent From Gathering

I went to counter protest the Westboro Baptist Church's proposed picketing of the Boston Marathon Memorial Service. They didn't show up, but countless incredible, warm, resilient Bostonians did.

New Kids On the Block Album '10': Band Comebacks We Didn't Need

The generously described comeback of New Kids on the Block is, um, interesting. And they bring to mind other bands that really should not or should not have tried to make us like them again.

Watch Russell Brand Take On the Westboro Baptist Church ... And Win

This is not a joke.Westboro members Steve and Timothy were recently interviewed by Brand on his FX show "Brand X." Westboro's own Sons of Anarchy proved they lack Christ's love.

Adam Lanza is Loved by Westboro Baptist Church, That is Why Anonymous Wants to Destroy Them

Hate group Westboro Baptist Church has decided to picket the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. And Anonymous, led by Cosmo the God, has vowed to destroy them for it.