These women converted to Islam and are not here for anti-Muslim bigotry

Mic talked to several women who recently converted to Islam.


Kentucky just passed a law allowing Bible classes in public schools

Watchdog groups are concerned about its potential to infringe on religious liberties.

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Curious about the chapters in 'Outlast 2'? Here's a guide to each of them.

Santa Monica synagogue smeared with feces and food during Hanukkah

Synagogue officials believe it was a targeted act.

Incoming IDF Chief Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim Implied Rape During Wartime Is Permissible

"The concept that non-Jews have equal rights with Jews in Israel goes against the opinion of the Torah."

Task Rabbi Is Like Task Rabbit, but With Rabbis Who Pray for Your Chores to Get Done

Task Rabbi is cheaper than Task Rabbit — it's free.

Here's How Many Times the Bible Talks About Transgender People

"An abomination to the Lord your God."

Viral Video Shows What Happens When You Show People a Bible With a Quran's Cover on It

"To me, this sounds like they want to oppress you and force you to believe what they believe."

Ridley Scott's Exodus Whitewashes the Bible By Casting Only White Actors

Christian Bale may make for a great Moses, but the new biblical biopic distorts history by leaving out brown actors in prominent roles.


You Won't Believe What These Rabbis Did to Divorce Orthodox Jews

Two rabbis from Brooklyn ran a bizarre business in which they tortured Orthodox Jewish men until agreeing to divorce their wives.

What is Yom Kippur: 6 Reasons Even Atheists Can Love the Holiday

Six reasons why you can eat your shellfish and still take a lesson from the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

Awesome Group Creates Atheist Monument, Intolerant Christians Flip Out

An atheist group erected its own monument and others responded by throwing a toilet at it, parading around Confederate flags, and carrying signs with the words, "Yankees Go Home" on them.

Marc Carson Killing: Does the Bible Provide Justification For Hate Crimes Against Gays?

The often cited Bible verse Leviticus 20:13 is used to justify homophobia. As a society we have rejected much from the book of Leviticus, shouldn't this verse also be rejected.

What the Hebrew Bible Tells Us About Individualism, Community, and Moral Obligation

The Hebrew Scriptures, read as a work of political theory, offer egalitarian, communitarian, and individualistic themes; two recent books incompletely capture the presence of all three.


Israel to Pay Non-Orthodox Rabbis – A Small But Significant Step

Non-Orthodox Rabbis will now be paid by the government.