Sen. Rand Paul says he’ll oppose Gina Haspel’s nomination despite retracted torture charge

The Kentucky senator remains opposed to Haspel's nomination despite a retraction of the most damning charge against her.


Andy Cohen calls out Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov for torture of gay and bisexual men

Cohen called the Chechen leader's actions "inhuman."

This pro athlete had his ex killed and her body fed to dogs. Now he has a new job.

After serving less than one-third of his prison sentence, Bruno Fernandes de Souza is headed back to the field.

Two major issues President Trump's law and order administration need to address

If the president wants to see the laws applied fairly, he should take look at the people in prison and the officers who put them there

China uses Trump "fake news" tactic to defend accusations of human rights violations

Trump has created the perfect defense for countries with poor human rights records.

How to execute in 'For Honor' Open Beta: Guide to executing enemy players in the game

You can brutally execute enemies in 'For Honor,' and there's a great reason to do so.


13,000 people have been executed at a secret Syrian prison since 2011, according to report

An estimated 470,000 Syrians have been killed since the civil war began.

President Donald Trump says intel officials say torture "absolutely" works

Trump said top intelligence officials have told him torture "absolutely" works in an ABC News interview Wednesday.

Poll finds almost half of Americans support torturing prisoners of war

Back in 1999, a full 65% of U.S. citizens stood against torture. But today, they're much more comfortable with the idea.

Mike Pence doesn't discount the return of waterboarding in Trump's America

The future Vice President suggests torture could make a comeback in Trump's America.

Ramsay's death on 'Game of Thrones' could've been a lot more gruesome — here's why

Real meat was used for some of the gory deaths — fun!

'Pretty Little Liars' Episode 3 Recap: Man Behind the Masks

We say goodbye to one character.

Law Enforcement in Mexico Subjecting Women to Sexual Torture, Says Amnesty International

Police and military officials sexually torment women to force confessions.

2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Actors Aren’t Buying the Pregnant Sansa Theory — Including Ramsay

If Ramsay himself says it's not true, let's just close the door on this one.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Sansa — Or Her Trump Card

As if Sansa hasn't suffered enough in 'Game of Thrones.'

New York State Agrees to Reform Practice of Solitary Confinement in State Prisons

"It's a holistic effort that we think will fundamentally change the culture in the prison system."

Syria's Government Is Profiting From "Disappeared" Civilians

?Bashar al-Assad's regime is turning huge profits.

Video Shows Texas Police Tackling a 14-Year-Old Student With a Chokehold

"He was not being violent towards the officer, he wasn’t hitting him, he didn’t have a weapon," says the boy's parent.


12 Portraits Show What Afghan Women Jailed for Moral Crimes Really Look Like

"Women are still imprisoned for being victims of forced marriage, domestic violence and rape."

The Syrian Civil War Has Been Raging for 4 Years — Here's What the Country Looks Like Now

On the fourth anniversary of the conflict in Syria, here's what has changed.

New UN Report Details the Heinous Crimes the Islamic State Is Committing Against Children

These disgusting acts must be stopped.


6 Women Are Massacred Every Day in Mexico — So Why Does Nobody Seem to Care?

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.