Food and Politics: Trump’s trade war could actually benefit US food banks

The Department of Agriculture agreed to purchase and donate $1.2 billion in fruits, beef and other commodities for food banks and pantries.

Questions on Kavanaugh accusations push Trump news conference on trade off the rails

After first refusing to answer questions about the FBI probe into the allegations against Kavanaugh, Trump then changed course to answer questions on the investigation.

Today in Trump’s America: Michael Cohen suggests he may cooperate with Mueller

Trump has been unmoored by the raid on Cohen’s home and office, and he has publicly suggested Cohen would resist the urge to cooperate.

Trump: Abortion “could very well end up with the states at some point”

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump suggested his Supreme Court pick could overturn 'Roe v. Wade' and praised Kim Jong Un while criticizing the European Union and Democrats.

Today in Trump’s America: Polls show family separations could imperil House Republicans

Voters in battleground districts oppose the family separation policy by large margins.

Trump pulls out of G7 summit statement, calls Justin Trudeau “weak”

After Trudeau said Canada wouldn't be "pushed around" by the U.S., Trump took to Twitter to fight back.

Today in Trump’s America: Trump admin urges courts to throw out pre-existing condition protections

The Trump administration is once again reviving the health care debate, asking federal courts to overturn two of the most popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Today in Trump’s America: Republicans slam Trump’s trade war

Trump’s decision to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union is being widely panned by GOP lawmakers, many of whom have been otherwise remiss to criticize Trump.

Today in Trump’s America: Trump again ratchets up trade war fears

The Trump administration will impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the European Union and possibly Canada and Mexico, too.

Trump’s trade war could hurt the very voters who put him in the White House

While Trump has said trade wars are “good, and easy to win,” experts say the trade war would directly hurt the very voters who helped fuel Trump’s presidential victory.

Tariffs and trade war: From hiked prices to job losses, the best- and worst-case scenarios to expect

What is a trade war going to look like, worst case? If President Donald Trump's protective tariffs go through, here is what to expect as a consumer, worker and at a global level.

How Donald Trump’s tariffs may impact you and US workers

You may not immediately see a dramatic jump in the cost of canned goods or cars. But what comes next has economists worried.

Trump trade war fears rattle Dow, beer buyers — and 5 more news stories affecting your money

Here's the latest on the Equifax hack, Spotify's initial public offering and all the other business news you probably missed this week.

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If you just got a strange message from Venmo saying your payment is pending, this could be the surprising explanation as to why.

Is college worth it? How the gig economy is reshaping higher education

The question today is no longer whether college is a worthy investment — it’s whether the traditional college degree is keeping up with these shifts.

Here’s why the president has attacked at least 7 international deals in his first year

Finding international deals to attack or withdraw from has been a consistent theme of Trump’s presidency.

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Yes, millennials should buy stocks — but not based on Donald Trump's tweets

Millennial stock traders are buying and selling on Trump's tweets.

Wilbur Ross, billionaire investor, reported as Donald Trump's commerce secretary pick

Ross has a history of saving failing companies — as well as layoffs, outsourcing and mining accidents.

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Here's why stocks shot up — even though Donald Trump won the presidential election

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Stock markets crashed to their floor as Donald Trump began to win: What that means for you

There's been a halt on trading.

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