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Shut up and take my money.

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London Just Installed Pedestrian Traffic Lights Depicting Same-Sex Couples

London installs new LGBTQ-friendly traffic lights for Pride.

These Russians Are Standing Up to Asshole Drivers Using Sidewalks to Avoid Traffic

Publicly shaming drivers onto roads since 2010.


Spilled Dildos in the Road Cause a Huge Traffic Jam

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Study Shows That Walking While Black Is the New Driving While Black

This is depressing.


This Clever "Texting" Staircase Will Save Us From Ourselves

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The Netherlands Has Built Something No Other Country Has

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There's a Little Bit of Hell in Paradise

I just visited Antigua, and though it was beautiful, its lack of tax enforcement served as a reminder that places that look like paradise aren't necessarily as perfect as they seem.

Speed Cameras: Ohio Judge Rules Them An Unconstitutional "Sham"

A judge in Ohio dubbed the installation of traffic cameras a "scam the motorist cannot win." He's right, as a piece of machinery can't witness the circumstances surrounding any kind of violation.

Draco Storm Updates LIVE: Iowa Police Urge Drivers to Stay Off Roads

As the storm worsens in Iowa, 3 people have died in traffic accidents. Cops are urging people to stay off the roads.

American Highway System is Broken, and Only the Free Market Can Save It

Free market roads are not only viable but preferable to government roads.

NTSB Cell Phone Ban While Driving Makes For Safer Roads

On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board proposed that the use of cell phones, including hands-free devices, be banned for drivers.