When will 'Walking Dead' season 8 premiere? Here's what we know.

'The Walking Dead' will likely return in October.

Kelly Osbourne and Others Show Solidarity to Orlando Victims With Remembrance Tattoos

Many are getting permanently inked in honor of the Orlando victims.

Sandy Hook Mother Pens Open Letter To the Families of Orlando Shooting Victims

A Sandy Hook victim's mother reaches out to the families of the Orlando shooting victims.

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2016 Tony Awards Sonnet: "Love Is Love Is Love Is Love"

"Senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised, not one day."

8 Years Ago, a 'Game of Thrones' Fan Called the Tragic, Secret Meaning Behind Hodor's Name

Hold the door — and hold back some tears, too.

Facebook Activates Safety Check Following Terrorist Attacks in Nigeria, Bias Critiques

"Please don't let a small minority of extremists make you pessimistic about our future."


This New Drawing Honors Victims of Beirut Terrorist Attack

"Unfortunately I cannot create a symbol for everyone, but you can create your own, in your hearts if not in ink."

Nearly 24,000 People Have Petitioned to Stop a Movie That "Glorifies" the UCSB Shooting

"The film 'Del Playa' intentionally seeks to commoditize the death of six beloved students."

This Tiny Baby in Nepal Was Miraculously Rescued from Rubble and Survived the Earthquake

The 4-month old survived 22 hours under piles of rubble.

The Internet Had a Powerful Response to a Grieving Father's Heartbreaking Request

An act of love and kindness from total strangers.

27 Inspiring Feminist Tweets Fighting Back Against Elliot Rodger's Blatant Misogyny

Feminists are rising up to fight back against the senseless UC Santa Barbara shooting.


Vincent Gray Divisively Blames D.C. Navy Yard Massacre On Sequester

DC's mayor points to the sequester cuts as a possible factor behind the tragedy.

Rehteah Parsons Bullies Will Go to Trial, But It Wasn't Just the Courts That Failed Her

The road to justice is being led only after years of Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide. Here is how it happened and here is how another situation like this can be prevented.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: We Haven't Ended De Facto Slave Labor, Just Outsourced It

Tragedy in foreign factories has prompted some consumers to re-evaluate the things they buy, use, and wear — and the ethical standards they expect manufacturers to hold.

Jadarrius Speights: When a 3-Year-Old Shoots Himself By Accident, What is Wrong with American Parenting?

A lack of parenting has caused gun-related violence among young children, not guns themselves.

Boston Marathon Bombing: As We Mourn 3 Victims in Boston, Iraqis Are Mourning 33 Victims Of Bombings

33 people died in a series of coordinated attacks in Iraq yesterday, did you hear about it? Did you care?


5 Acts Of Kindness From Boston That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

These five acts of kindness will give you something to believe in.

Gangster Squad Movie Review: Ryan Gosling Film Edited After Aurora Shooting

"Gangster Squad" and "Jack Reacher" are two recently released films that were either postponed or edited in the aftermath of tragic shootings. Does this help curb gun violence?

Adam Lanza Shooting Brings Unthinkable Suffering to Victims' Families

Despite our great sadness after the school shooting, it is still hard for most of us to understand what the relatives are going through in this time of tragedy.

We Owe the Sandy Hook Victims a Real Conversation

If Friday's tragedy doesn't call us to action, what will? We owe it to the victims — especially the children — to do better.

Wade Michael Page Shooting is Act of Terrorism, and Obama and Romney Need to Treat it As Such

Now that a second horrendous shooting has rippled through an American community, can we continue to sidestep a serious national conversation on the efficacy of our gun laws?


James Eagan Holmes Aftermath: Mother of Shooter Wondering What Happened to Her Son

Compassion is an emotional embrace that allows us to connect to others in times of pain, suffering, and human betrayal. The Holmes family suffers no less than others.

100 Years After Titanic, Myths Merge With Fact

One hundred years ago, the fascinating history of Titanic, earned a eternal place among the timeless legends in the world.

Greece Approves Austerity Package, Media Jumps on Old News

Once again the world's attention has turned to Greece, stoking up drama in the country that invented it. Though the coverage is relevant, the hype may not be.