Movement Must-Reads: Local NYC organizers speak out against Amazon deal

Plus, an in-depth feature on female rappers and music industry sexism.


Mic Daily: Betsy DeVos’ predecessor speaks out

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

Transgender woman Aliah Hernandez was brutally beaten and left for dead. Her attacker walked free.

"I’m a human being and I deserve to have justice," Aliah Hernandez said in an interview with 'Mic Dispatch.'

Plus-size, trans women speak out against Victoria’s Secret telling them they aren’t good enough

Munroe Bergdorf, Sonny Turner, Leyna Bloom, Felicity Hayward, Geena Rocero, Isis King, Peppermint, Violet Chachki, Liris Crosse, Billie Lee, Gia Gunn and more speak out.

Stories That Pay Off: How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make money

Plus: how companies are encouraging Americans to vote and how to curb your Uber habit.

All-gender access and floor-to-ceiling walls: The world’s most inclusive bathroom is here

Completely enclosed stalls, changing tables and space to practice ablution are a few elements incorporated in this inclusive restroom.

The Movement Must-Reads: Alleged voter suppression in Georgia and Trump’s attempt to rewrite gender

Plus, an eye-opening report on the state of Latinx women founders.

Justice Department argues businesses can legally discriminate against transgender employees

“The court of appeals misread the statute and this Court’s decisions in concluding that Title VII encompasses discrimination on the basis of gender identity,” Solicitor General Noel Francisco said.

Today in Trump’s America: Protests erupt as Trump seeks to “define transgender out of existence”

The report sparked an outcry from Democrats and civil rights groups, who vowed to fight back against the policy with legal action and protests.

The Trump administration’s attempt to rewrite gender is not enough to erase trans existence

Trans people will exist regardless of what any government says.

Report: Trump administration to roll back transgender rights by narrowing definition of gender

A former Obama administration official said the Trump administration's planned move "quite simply negates the humanity of people."

Stories that Pay Off: Navigating the challenges of coming out at work

Transitioning at work, inclusivity in corporate America, discrimination in the office and more.

Meet Nicole Maines, the transgender woman playing TV’s first trans superhero

The actress will star as Nia Nall on CW's 'Supergirl.'

Transgender advocate Dana Pizzuti shares her tips on how to transition at work

Not everyone transitions in the same way, but one common experience? It might get awkward at work.

Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier, a transgender woman, was found fatally stabbed in Chicago

Frazier's death comes less than two months after another black trans woman was killed in Chicago.

‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 21: Trans women homicides; black women tattooists (full transcript)

Trans women of color face violence at disproportionate levels compared to the general population. The average life expectancy for a trans woman of color in America is only 35 years old.


‘Mic Dispatch’: A city copes after killings of trans women; black women tattooists tour the country

'Mic Dispatch' visits Jacksonville, Florida, where residents are grappling with the killings of three trans women of color, and meet Ladies of Ink, black women tattooists who are touring the country.

A timeline of the five black transgender women killed in Florida in 2018

“The transgender community in Jacksonville is frightened."

‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 20: Trans male models on the runway; taxi driver suicides (full transcript)

Our correspondents investigate trans inclusivity on the runway and a recent string of suicides among cab drivers.

‘Mic Dispatch’: Trans male models and barriers to entry; exploring a rash of taxi-driver suicides

This edition looks into the barriers trans male models face within the fashion world and explores a string of New York City taxi-driver suicides amid increasing competition from ride-hailing apps.

5 black trans women have been killed in Florida in 2018 — Londonn Moore Kinard, 20, is the latest

Three trans women have been killed in 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida, alone.


Mic Daily: The aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s rocky hearing — and other news of the day

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day.

‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 16: The process of reversing a gender transition (full transcript)

Serena Daniari discusses detransitioning with those who’ve experienced it, then speaks about the process with a transgender therapist specializing in gender identity.

‘Mic Dispatch’: Deconstructing gender transitions and detransitions

In this episode of 'Mic Dispatch,' we devote the entire episode to the controversial topic of detransitioning — or reversing a gender transition.

Shantee Tucker, a 30-year-old black transgender woman, killed in Philadelphia

The news of Tucker's death comes amid a deadly week for trans women.

Two black transgender women — Vontashia Bell and Dejanay Stanton — were killed the same day

Vontashia Bell and Dejanay Stanton were both killed Thursday.


‘Mic Dispatch’: CBD and the science behind it; Christine Hallquist’s historic Vermont primary win

On this edition of 'Mic Dispatch,' we meet Christine Hallquist, the first out transgender person nominated for governor by a major U.S. party, and investigate the health effects of CBD.

‘Mic Dispatch’ episode 14: A trans governor makes history; the CBD oil boom (full transcript)

Serena Daniari sits down with Christine Hallquist, the first trans woman of a major party to win a primary, and Jeff Ihaza finds out what's up with the CBD trend around New York City and the U.S.

The State Department has quietly updated its language on gender markers for passports

It's a move that advocates for the transgender community say is confusing and frightening.

The Masterpiece Cakeshop owner is suing for discrimination again — this time over a trans woman

The new suit alleges that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission “will not rest until Phillips either closes Masterpiece Cakeshop or agrees to violate his religious beliefs.”