Americans are not emotionally prepared to fly in self-piloting drones

In a recent survey, only 5% of Americans said they’d feel safe in a passenger drone, which is exactly what's about to take over Dubai skies.

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Elon Musk just revealed his vision for the future of transportation. It probably won't work.

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Dusseldorf Attack: Multiple injuries reported after ax rampage at Germany train station

The reason for the rampage wasn't immediately clear.

Uber throws human driver under the bus after self-driving snafu

It's been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for Uber.


This Is What We'd Have to Look Like to Survive a Fatal Car Crash — And It's Creepy as Hell

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Londoner Azmina Made a Man Apologize on Camera for Sexually Assaulting Her

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You Can Help Build the Hyperloop

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Get Caught Hacking a Car and You Could Get Life in Prison, Thanks to Proposed Bill

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Driverless Cars Will Mean More F*cking Behind the Wheel

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The Flyboard Air Is Unlike Any Hoverboard You've Ever Seen

It believes you can fly.


The Flyboard Air Is Unlike Any Hoverboard You've Ever Seen

It believes you can fly.

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Computers are already way better drivers than people.

This Grandma Flipping the F*ck Out in a Driverless Tesla Is All of Us

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