This Week in Food and Travel: Wanna skip airport lines? Here’s which program is worth it

How to make the most of your time and money at the airport.

Double standard emerges as activists see special airline boarding pass designation

The SSSS designation and its corresponding “selectee list” was created — like the no-fly list — in the aftermath of 9/11. The designation suggests placement on a watchlist.

Losing Global Entry is easier than you think. Here are 4 common mistakes travelers make.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency released a list of reasons why Global Entry membership was revoked.

The 7 best deals in America in 2017

If you want to stretch your dollar to its maximum possible extent, check out these seven great deals.

CAIR sues FBI, TSA for placing Utah imam on no-fly list before he returned to the US

Yussuf Abdi has been an U.S. citizen since 2010.

This is the summer to get TSA PreCheck — here's why and how

Do this before airport security lines get longer this summer.


A US air marshal accidentally left her loaded gun in the plane's bathroom

A passenger found the weapon and gave it to the flight crew.

Southwest Airlines pilot arrested after bringing loaded gun to Albany airport

The airline industry can't catch a break.

These devices are okay on planes — unless you're bringing them from these Muslim countries

If you're flying from Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc, don't expect to watch Netflix on your iPad.

These are the pictures of security during the inauguration that you didn't see

28,000 security personnel were employed.

The TSA Made $765,000 From Your Loose Change in 2015

The TSA is making money off travelers' forgetfulness.


The TSA Spent $1.4 Million on an App That Selects You for Screenings

The app could theoretically be built in a day.

The TSA Is No Longer Using the Word "Anomaly" for Trans People — Here's the New Term

"TSA has implemented this change in terminology ... ."

Undercover TSA Investigation Finds 96% of Fake Weapons Got Through Airport Security

"Security theater" at its worst.


When Racial Profiling at the Airport Has Nothing to Do With Your Appearance

"Why'd your parents give you such a sinister name?"

The U.S. Government Can Legally Search Your Digital Life Every Time You Go on Vacation

If you have "exaggerated yawning," you could be a target.

12 Photos Reveal the Insane Things People Try to Bring Onto Airplanes

These could have been on a plane with you.

The TSA Is Considering Changing Its Most Annoying Rule Yet

This would be so great.

The Simplest Solution for Speeding Up Airport Lines Is Right Under the TSA's Nose

The TSA is offering $15,000 for the best ideas to improve those awful waits. Here's an easy one.


See the TSA-Friendly Weapons You Can Build At Your Local Airport

Videos by software developer and "independent security researcher" Evan Booth show why we desperately need to reconsider our current airport security regime.

NSA Memo Tells Domestic Surveillance Defenders to Mention 9/11 Over and Over

Following the leaks provided by Edward Snowden, the NSA's internal document to those headed to justify the program mentions the September 11, terrorist attack as a talking point that resonates.

Pilots Union Memo Warns of Possible Terrorist "Dry-Runs" on U.S. Flights

An incident on a flight from Washington D.C. to Orlando reminds us why the security measures we hate are there in the first place: to ensure the safety we love.

Another TSA Horror Story: You'll Never Guess What An Agent Did This Time

Nna Alpha Onuoha, the same TSA agent who was previously suspended for harassing a teenage girl at LAX, has been arrested for making threats against the Los Angeles airport.

TSA "VIPR Teams" Will Soon Be Patting You Down Outside the Airport

The Transportation Security Administration will soon be adding many more members to its so-called VIPR teams in pursuit of terrorists. But they're expanding their search outside the airport.

The TSA Is Turning Us Into a Stop-And-Frisk Nation

A special unit of the TSA has moved out of airport and into communities all around the country. Will they turn us into a stop-and-frisk nation?

TSA Patdowns Coming to a Concert Near You

No longer confined to airport security, the TSA has expanded its role to other forms of transportation ... and basically anywhere it wants.

For $85, This TSA Program Will Make Flying Suck Just a Little Bit Less

The TSA is extending a program to the general public, for only $85, that will expedite the security process. Less procedure and shorter lines await those who agree to background checks.

The Verdict Is In, And TSA's $1 Billion Surveillance Program is a Colossal Flop

A new report finds that there is little evidence that the $1 billion airport passenger screening program, believed to promote racial profiling, screens passengers objectively.