“Ain’t I a Woman” March is a response to the whiteness of January’s women’s marches

Imani Mitchell, the president of Black Women United, said the march is a necessary addendum to the Women's March on Washington.


Transgender person fatally attacked in New York identified

The NYPD said the medical examiner identified the victim as 59-year-old Brenda Bostick, a black transgender woman.

'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Hainly Abrams: Here's why BioWare is updating its trans character

Hainly Abrams in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' is an example of how not to write a trans character. Here's why.

How model Maya Monès is laying the groundwork to be fashion's next Naomi Campbell

"I think people need to spend a lot of time asking trans people what they need rather than how they are."

The Oscars' "In Memoriam" tribute left out trans actress Alexis Arquette

Patricia Arquette said the Oscars has some work to do if the academy wants to be more inclusive.

24-year-old trans woman Keke Collier shot and killed in Chicago

Collier also went by the name Tiara Richmond.


Chelsea Manning's legal counsel and advocates are concerned about her whereabouts

Manning's lawyer says his client hasn't been able to contact friends or family for six days.

Perfect "illusion": femininity as armor and the problem of "passing" for transgender women

For some this is simply an effort to transform their body into the shape it was denied by biology. For others, it's survival.

8 women on why they are reclaiming the word fat

They're trying to change the negative connotation associated with the word.

Police arrest man for July killing of transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds

Shareem hall faces murder and possible hate crime charges.

How the Choker Became a Go-To Trend for Transgender Women

Check Tumblr, Instagram, or your local queer party, there is bound to be a trans girl with one of these chokers wrapped around her


Police Raid Uganda Pride Festival and Harassed LGBTQ Attendees

"The stories these women told, the strength they had, it is all erased because this happened."

James Dixon Sentenced to 12 Years for Death of Black Trans Woman Islan Nettles

"I had eight children and never thought that I'd have to bury one," the victim's mother said.

Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost Offer Music to Heal to With 'The Revolution Has Come'

"Ferguson gave me the blues and I needed to sing."

Why Makeup Matters to Transgender People — and How the Internet Is Helping

"It's not just about fitting in, but enjoying this part of my life."

This Women's Festival Banned Transgender Women and Also Any Discussion of the Ban

What do you mean by "inclusive," then?

'Transparent' Creator Jill Soloway on Why Women Make Great Directors: "It's Dolls"

"How did men make us think we weren’t good at this?"

11 Movies and TV Shows That Best Represent What 2015 Was

2015 provided an exciting step forward in so many ways.

Watch an Exclusive Clip from the New Trans Buddy Dramedy 'Tangerine'

"Out here, it is all about our hustle. And that is it."

Meet Mya Taylor, the Trans Actress Set to Take Hollywood by Storm

She stars in 'Tangerine,' your new favorite trans buddy comedy.

Laverne Cox and Janet Mock Have This Whole Sisterhood Thing on Lock

Why the power of female friendships is real.

Laverne Cox Posed Nude in a Magazine for the Best Reason

She's an inspiration.

There's a Very Good Reason Why These Women Made the Cover of a Magazine

And it has nothing to do with their flawless looks.

7 Things Women With Short Hair Are Tired of Hearing

These harmful stereotypes need to be retired.

Who Has the Right to Tell the Stories of Marginalized People?

The danger of the universal narrative.

Here's the "America's Got Talent" Performance NBC Doesn't Want You to See

When ignorance goes unchecked, everyone loses.