I traveled alone for 2 weeks to find myself. It was overrated.

Here’s how you can learn from my mistakes.

Why the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — and the rest of the industry — needs to attract women

The Wild Gypsy Tour, a women's-only festival that takes place during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, is proof that the future of motorcycle culture is women.

This week in food and travel: A new report finds traces of Monsanto pesticide in oat-based foods

We also take a look at the quality of water in the Hudson River, why people flock to Caribbean festivals and how Switzerland became a beloved destination for Indian travelers.

Best Places to Travel: Where cookbook author Julia Turshen gets Jamaican food in upstate New York

Cookbook author Julia Turshen's recommendations are all about food, from the bed and breakfast owned by a pastry chef to a brewery with great nachos.

Native Hawaiians see a silver lining to destruction caused by recent volcanic eruptions

Native Hawaiians view this period as a time of cultural reflection. Here's what to know if you're visiting Hawaii during the volcanic eruptions.

How Bollywood turned Switzerland into a beloved destination for generations of Indian travelers

Bollywood movies have long featured Switzerland as a backdrop for romance.

Best Places to Travel: Where Lauren Bush Lauren goes for jazz and history in Detroit

The philanthropist is inspired by the city's rich musical history and vibrant spirit.

Barbados Crop Over is a celebration of freedom, where festivalgoers honor their bodies and heritage

The Caribbean festivals are a judgment-free zone, where people of all shapes, sizes, races and ages wear as little or as much they want in the name of personal expression.

From tomato jam to okra fries, Asheville’s chefs are redefining Appalachian food with global flavors

In the North Carolina city of Asheville, you'll find outstanding Spanish, Indian and Mexican food made with regional ingredients.

This week in food and travel: A new study finds eating crickets may be good for your gut

Crickets may soon become the next probiotic trend, and other restaurant, travel and food news from the week.

Why Grenada’s famous underwater sculpture park is much more than a tourist attraction

The world's first underwater sculpture park has a symbiotic relationship with the ocean and the creatures that live there.

When can you get money back from airlines? These are the only times compensation is guaranteed

Getting compensated from an airline is tough as it is, but here are the rare instances in which you are entitled to getting your money back.

Best Places to Travel: Where actress Busy Philipps gets pizza and margaritas in Scottsdale, Arizona

The actress considers the six-hour drive from Los Angeles to Scottsdale to be a short road trip.

Best Places to Travel: Where ‘Daily Show’ correspondent Ronny Chieng goes for brunch in Melbourne

The comedian loves Melbourne so much that he made a spreadsheet of top haunts for visiting stand-up comics.

Stories That Pay Off: Why flights get overbooked — and how to make the most of it

This week, we explored how to avoid being bumped from an overbooked flight, Trump's recent grocery store gaffe and more.

Best Places to Travel: ‘X-Men’ actress Lana Condor escapes to Seattle to eat seafood and to unplug

The actress, who grew up near Seattle, shares her favorite places to be a tourist in her own city.

Why do flights get overbooked? Airline experts explain what you can do to avoid being bumped.

Even if you do get bumped from a flight, there's a way to turn the inconvenience into some substantial money.

This week in food and travel: The rise and fall of Pinkberry

Applachia's booming Hispanic population is changing the area's food scene, and other restaurant, travel and food news from the week.

Best Places to Travel: Where Marcus Samuelsson eats, drinks and listens to jazz in New York

The Sweden-raised chef is a New York local whose go-to spots include a trendy Thai restaurant in Soho and a Harlem jazz club so exclusive, scoring an invite is nearly impossible.

Best Places To Travel: Where Carla Hall eats (and eats some more) in Chicago

'The Chew' co-host returns to Chicago often, and it's for the food. Her top hits include spicy lamb noodles from a Korean BBQ spot and one of the seven burger options served at a River West pub.

This week in food and travel: Disney will ban single-use plastic straws and stirrers

Disney announced plans to eliminate single-use plastic straws and stirrers at its properties, and other restaurant, travel and food news from the week.

Disney to ban single-use plastic straws from all its parks and resorts

Paper straws will be provided to guests upon request once the ban is in place.

Best Places to Travel: Where chef Kristen Kish eats, drinks and sleeps in Austin, Texas

We spoke to 'Top Chef' winner Kristen Kish about her favorite places in Austin, where she has just opened a new restaurant.

This week in food and travel: The FDA might crack down on almond milk

The FDA may soon enforce whether nondairy milks can be called "milk", and other restaurant, travel and food news from the week.

South Korea beyond Seoul: 5 must-visit places for green tea, bamboo forests and more

Seoul may be the most well-known city, but these other South Korean destinations are just as exciting.

These new liquid-filled glasses are meant to cure motion sickness

People might be able to overlook the pair's four-holed oceanic realness if it means skipping the urge to vomit.

Pro Tips: Drag queens on packing for multiple cities — and the items they always carry on

We talked to drag queens for their best packing tips — from transporting fragile items to always having extra outfits and wigs.

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From loyalty programs to credit cards, here’s our guide to saving money on your next vacation — so your bank account can take a break too.

Travel for cheap: How to get a free honeymoon with credit card points

Free flights and hotels are not only possible, they’re easily obtainable if you plan far enough in advance.

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Toy Story Land opens at Disney World, experts weigh in on celeb-endorsed lollipops and detox tea, and more.