This Week in Food and Travel: A look inside the anti-Trump hotel in Washington, DC

It doesn't hurt that the hotel is also an Instagrammer's dream.

Anthony Bourdain’s legacy and love of food honored in special episode of ‘Parts Unknown’

“He cleaned up good, but he was also really comfortable out in the wild.”

Trump’s new law protects travelers with disabilities — but advocates worry it might be meaningless

Here's what disability rights advocates would like to see in the new bill.

How my service dog helped me with my anxiety disorder — and allowed me to love travel again

Bobbi alerts me before I have a panic attack, leads me home when I get disoriented and lies on top of me during an attack to calm me with her body weight.

Amsterdam’s best hidden attraction is a houseboat full of cats, where anyone can play with strays

The houseboat was bought by a woman in 1968, and has remained a home for cats ever since.

Stories That Pay Off: How to sneakily find out if your partner is good with money

Dating red flags to watch out for, wedding registry tips and a whole lot more.

In ‘Parts Unknown’ episode 3, Anthony Bourdain attends a funeral and grapples with life and death

In Indonesia, Bourdain witnesses a traditional Balinese funeral and talks about his own death.

Stories That Pay Off: A new law could mean the end of cramped legroom on airlines

Uncomfortable airplane seats could be a thing of the past.

‘Parts Unknown’ episode 2 is a rare glimpse of Anthony Bourdain through the eyes of a close friend

The episode — filmed in Asturias, Spain, with José Andrés — is the first in which Bourdain doesn't serve as the show's narrator.

“Please don’t come to Africa and build a school”: What I learned from a relief mission in Chad

Chad is one of the top 10 destinations requiring urgent aid and has the some of the worst poverty and food insecurity in the world.

Airlines may soon be legally required to add more legroom and increase seat sizes on airplanes

For years, seats have been shrinking while passengers have been getting bigger.

Tiny houses are the next big thing in travel

Some travel to escape their miniscule apartments, others will fly across the country to live in a 260-square-foot space.

A scammer behind hundreds of fake reviews on TripAdvisor receives 9-month prison sentence

“Writing fake reviews has always been fraud, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone sent to jail as a result.”

Adult summer camp: Where adventure meets boozy debauchery and grown-ups can feel like kids again

These weekend getaways were made for anyone who needs a break from daily routine — and wants to spend it in the great outdoors.

Houston has no defining culinary identity — and that’s why its food is so incredibly good

Is it pho? Tex-mex? Barbecue? Houston's food evangelists could spend all day debating what defines the city's food.

Stories That Pay Off: How much money does Starbucks make off the pumpkin spice latte?

In 2017, Starbucks sold as many as 350 million PSLs.

What makes for an accessible beach? We asked wheelchair users how they plan a day by the water

From location and facilities to parking and beach staff, there are a lot of elements to consider when looking for an accessible beach.

Thanksgiving 2018 airfare deals: The best time to book a cheap flight for holiday travel

Both Hipmunk and Google have released new data on the best times to book Thanksgiving travel.

Stories That Pay Off: Here’s how expensive it can be to own a dog

A survey found dog owners spend much more on their pooches than they think they do.

The world’s first beer hotel is here — and every room has a beer fridge in the shower

Beer lovers will have their own beers on tap and can even take a dip in the IPA-filled jacuzzi.

This week in food and travel: When booking a one-way airplane ticket could save you money

Also: One solo traveler reflects on her mistakes, why young people may be in denial about food waste and how PETA changed the packaging of an iconic snack food.

Best Places to Travel: Where Antoni Porowski of ‘Queer Eye’ hangs out in downtown New York City

The 'Queer Eye' star is opening a new all-day restaurant in New York City's West Village.

I traveled alone for 2 weeks to find myself. It was overrated.

Here’s how you can learn from my mistakes.

Why the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — and the rest of the industry — needs to attract women

The Wild Gypsy Tour, a women's-only festival that takes place during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, is proof that the future of motorcycle culture is women.

This week in food and travel: A new report finds traces of Monsanto pesticide in oat-based foods

We also take a look at the quality of water in the Hudson River, why people flock to Caribbean festivals and how Switzerland became a beloved destination for Indian travelers.

Best Places to Travel: Where cookbook author Julia Turshen gets Jamaican food in upstate New York

Cookbook author Julia Turshen's recommendations are all about food, from the bed and breakfast owned by a pastry chef to a brewery with great nachos.

Native Hawaiians see a silver lining to destruction caused by recent volcanic eruptions

Native Hawaiians view this period as a time of cultural reflection. Here's what to know if you're visiting Hawaii during the volcanic eruptions.

How Bollywood turned Switzerland into a beloved destination for generations of Indian travelers

Bollywood movies have long featured Switzerland as a backdrop for romance.

Best Places to Travel: Where Lauren Bush Lauren goes for jazz and history in Detroit

The philanthropist is inspired by the city's rich musical history and vibrant spirit.

Barbados Crop Over is a celebration of freedom, where festivalgoers honor their bodies and heritage

The Caribbean festivals are a judgment-free zone, where people of all shapes, sizes, races and ages wear as little or as much they want in the name of personal expression.