Feb. 15, 2018

An insider look at Spyscape, New York’s first museum dedicated to the art of spying and hacking

Could you cut it as a spy? This museum will tell you if you have the skills for it.

Feb. 12, 2018

Gus Kenworthy on traveling to South Korea — and his words of encouragement for LGBTQ communities

'Mic' sat down with Gus Kenworthy to talk about his career, LGBTQ activism and the one thing he can't wait to do in South Korea.
Feb. 12, 2018

Spring travel deals: These are the cheapest places to travel in March, according to Expedia

Whether your budget is $600, $500 or $400, these are the cheapest places to go.
Feb. 9, 2018

Despite what we see in the US, there’s much more to Korean food than barbecue and fried chicken

With all eyes on South Korea during the Olympics, we asked two chefs to clear up the misconception that Korean cuisine is all about meat.
Feb. 7, 2018

On Instagram, the travel industry looks overwhelmingly white. Meet the influencers changing it up.

These influential photographers, writers and entrepreneurs want to showcase true diversity in the travel industry.
Feb. 5, 2018

2018 Winter Olympics: 7 green spaces in Seoul that are way more impressive than New York’s High Line

The South Korean capital is home to some of the world's most design-forward and innovative public spaces.

Feb. 2, 2018

A new short film proves everyone takes the exact same travel photos on Instagram

This eye-opening video is beautiful — but might also make you feel a little ashamed.
Feb. 2, 2018

A new study says the airport is more germ-infested than you could have possibly imagined

These popular airport spots are the worst offenders when it comes to germs.
Jan. 26, 2018

What to eat in one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods

The restaurant scene is, unsurprisingly, fantastic in this area of south Seattle.
Jan. 25, 2018

The Tesloop shuttles travelers around Southern California — but is it more than a glorified bus?

The trip only cost me $55, and seemed too good to be true.
Jan. 18, 2018

The best US airline frequent flyer program — plus even smarter ways to save money on cheap flights

Cheap flights, free Wi-Fi, priority boarding and more perks draw people to these top frequent flyer programs. But are they actually worth it? Here are the trade-offs to know — and how to really save.

Jan. 18, 2018

The gay outdoorsman that “straight-washed” himself to keep his sponsors on Instagram

“Seeing how heteronormative the outdoors industry is, I straight-washed myself for nearly the first year in hopes of fitting the established mold."
Jan. 17, 2018

10 reasons to visit “shithole” countries

One president’s trash is another person’s dream destination.
Jan. 10, 2018

The State Department has a new travel advisory system for ranking countries’ safety levels

11 countries are categorized under the new "do not travel" advisory.
Jan. 10, 2018
Jan. 9, 2018

How to get money back for your delayed and canceled flights

You could be owed hundreds of dollars for disrupted flights from years ago.

Jan. 4, 2018

Here are the cheapest days to travel in 2018

Book your plane tickets on these days for the best deals.
Jan. 3, 2018

What it’s like to stay at the first weed-inspired “bud-and-breakfast” in America

The one-of-a-kind Denver hotel features a wake and bake breakfast and a living room full of vaporizers.
Jan. 1, 2018

The cheapest places to travel to in January 2018

January is the cheapest month for travel — and these are the places where you'll get your money's worth.
Dec. 29, 2017

Want to save money in 2018? 15 things that will be cheaper — or more expensive — in the new year

From college to cars, 2018 will bring price changes on a number of commodities.
Dec. 21, 2017

This app lets pregnant commuters get the seat they deserve on crowded subway rides

It's a modern-day solution to an age-old etiquette issue.

Dec. 18, 2017

Why Slovenian wines — which rival the ones from Italy and France — have long been overlooked

You should be buying wines from this region, considered one of the best in the world.
Dec. 15, 2017

These are our favorite travel stories from 2017

Inspirational destinations, how-to guides, the unsung heroes of travel and more.
Dec. 14, 2017

The ‘Top Chef’ Effect: How does the TV show impact tourism in its host cities?

Locations pay a price to entice the production company. Does it pay off from a tourism perspective?
Dec. 13, 2017

The best day of the week to book a flight, according to new data from Expedia

In its annual report, the company revealed which day yielded the lowest average ticket price — and it's not Tuesday.
Dec. 8, 2017

5 ways to help rebuild the Caribbean after the hurricanes

The easiest thing travelers can do? Book a trip.

Dec. 7, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: 6 hidden Midwestern gems on the road from Chicago to Madison, Wisconsin

The stunning architecture and incredible cheese will have you rethinking everything you know about the Midwest.
Dec. 5, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: 6 spectacular places on the drive from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park

If you dare, stay at the spooky Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King's 'The Shining.'
Dec. 2, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: 5 adventurous stops between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee

An interactive funhouse, sky-high french toast and the best blues performances you'll ever witness make this a magical drive.
Dec. 2, 2017

Road Trip Diaries: 6 offbeat stops between Charleston, South Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina

From jaw-dropping waterfalls to a free guided canoe tour, these are the places you need to check out in the Carolinas.