Trump says there is no need for a full border wall, but maintains it should be “transparent”

Donald Trump's “big, beautiful wall” just got a lot smaller.

Chicago officers accused of covering up Laquan McDonald shooting plead not guilty

All three were released on $50,000 bonds.

Obsessed with real estate? You can enter this contest to win $1 million from Zillow.

Zillow is offering $1 million for anyone who can help make its algorithm more predictive.

Fight for $15 protest continues at McDonald's headquarters outside Chicago

The protest followed a Chicago march challenging the fast food giant and President Donald Trump.

Bose Lawsuit: What is the Wiretap Act, and how could Bose be breaking the law?

They're listening to what you're listening to.

The 'Chicago Tribune' did to Aaron Rodgers what media outlets do to women all the time

The outlet referred to the Green Bay Packers quarterback as simply actress Olivia Munn's "boyfriend."

Fox News thinks the phrase "Journalism Matters" is "anti-Trump rhetoric"

In which defending the U.S. Constitution is evidence of bias.

Chicago had no snow in January or February for the first time in 146 years

For the first time in 146 years, Chicago had no snow January through February, but March and April could still see massive storms.

Pulse survivors, activists shocked at Univision's plan to air Pulse shooting re-enactment

Pulse survivors and community members say the segment will cause more trauma.

At least 27 people were shot in Chicago over Christmas weekend

Twenty-seven people were shot in a 48-hour period, seven of them fatally.

Chicago Cubs World Series victory parade: Route, start time and more

It's the revelry the Windy City has waited over a century for.


Matthew Apperson, who shot at George Zimmerman, sentenced to 20 years in prison

The man who fired a shot at Trayvon Martin's killer will serve 20 years.

Mike Pence says he defends the "sanctity of life" — but his actions say otherwise

Gov. Mike Pence talks about the "sanctity of life" a lot. But whose?

Chicago surpasses 500th homicide of the year during violent Labor Day weekend

The city is now on track to see more than 600 deaths from gun violence in 2016.

Queen Patti LaBelle will bless the world with 5 more desserts at Walmart

Will the cobbler take the cake?

Officers involved in alleged coverup of Laquan McDonald's death named

Jason Van Dyke, who shot and killed Laquan McDonald, and four other police now face administrative charges.

Chicago Gun Violence Just Hit a Historic High: 99 People Were Shot in the Last 7 Days

The city hasn't seen this much gun violence since the 1990s.

Malia Obama, Normal Teen, Was Turning Up at Lollapalooza, Not the DNC, on Thursday

Malia Obama is just a chill teen doing chill teen things.

Two Alligators May Have Been Involved in the Disney World Resort Attack

"Another gator attacked [Matt Graves] as he fought for his son," a fire department official wrote in an email.

Chicago Man Shot and Killed on Facebook Live

A 28 year-old man was killed while live streaming on Facebook.


The Number of People Who've Died at Disney World Proves Your Childhood Was an Utter Lie

Way too many people have died at Disney.

Orlando Shooting Victim Edward Sotomayor, Jr. Is Being Hailed a Hero for Saving Boyfriend

Edward Sotomayor, Jr. died in the hospital; his boyfriend survived the attack.

Orlando Shooter Gay Rumors Circulate in Wake of Pulse Shooting — Here's the Latest News

The story behind the gay rumors about Omar Mateen.

Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Was Reportedly a Regular at Pulse Nightclub

More has come to light regarding Orlando shooter Omar Mateen.

Orlando Shooting: The Nation's Front Pages a Day After Deadliest Shooting Massacre

Here's how the nation's front pages reacted to the Pulse shooting.


The UCLA Shooter Was Major News — But What About the 62 People Recently Shot in Chicago?

Wednesday's UCLA shooting brought more attention to gun violence, but Chicago just had its deadliest May in over 20 years.

SeaWorld Killer Whales Will Stop Dancing, Posing and Kissing in Educational Revamp

SeaWorld orcas will never have to dance or pose in front of a crowd again.