Halloween costume ideas 2017: 50 quick, easy last-minute DIYs under $50 — for guys, girls & everyone

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your 2017 celebration in short supply? Luckily, you can save money with a few clever, easy concepts you can DIY with home supplies.

Inside Ilbe: How South Korea’s angry young men formed a powerful new alt-right movement

This increasingly influential group is known for a “deep-seated misogyny” and a hatred of immigrants, LGBT rights and the left. Sound familiar?

King's Gaming Ladies event canceled following targeted online harassment campaign

Men apparently planned to pose as transgender women in order to disrupt the event from the inside.

'Overwatch' Dafran Banned: Highest-ranked player in North America was banned for trolling on Twitch

The highest ranking player in 'Overwatch' was banned

The Kremlin paid Russian trolls to wage information warfare on behalf of Donald Trump

The trolliest government in the world hired trolls to help the trolliest American there is.


#MediasNextTrumpLie: Inside 4chan's pro-Trump spam campaign to derail the media

If you see #MediasNextTrumpLie trending on Twitter Friday, remember that "trending" is not synonymous with "fact-based."

Leslie Jones' nude photos were stolen — so naturally people blamed Leslie Jones

It seemed like it couldn't get worse. Then it got worse.

Milo "@Nero" Yiannopoulos, King of Trolls, Called for Mass Censorship in a 2012 Essay

"We ban drunks from driving because they're a danger to others. Isn't it time we did the same to trolls?"

Amy Schumer Offers a Big, Patriotic F*ck You to Body Shamers With This July 4 Instagram

Amy Schumer is an "American Treasure," and she knows it.

Gigi Hadid Claps Back at Troll Who Says She "Has a New BF Every 2 Weeks"

Gigi Hadid shuts down judgment of her dating history in one tweet.

These Drake Quotes Prove He Knows Exactly What the Internet Wants

Drake quotes spoken in fluent internet.

8 Women's Perfect Responses to Being Body-Shamed Online

Yassssssss, girl.

After Rachel Dolezal, Conservative Trolls Are Having a Field Day With 'Transracial'

"Transracial" and "transethnic" don't mean what you think they mean.

One Actor Responded to a Homophobic Internet Bully With an Unforgettable Takedown

It's usually best not to feed the trolls, except when you have an amazing comedown.

Someone In Your Group of Friends Is Probably an Internet Troll, Based on New Poll

This is a real, but overlooked, problem.

This Swedish TV Show Has Found a Creative Way to Confront Internet Trolls

That's one way to give them a dose of their own medicine.

Trolls Are the Price We Pay For a Free Internet

There's a great deal of drama surrounding internet anonymity, due to an outbreak of trolling on Twitter. But internet anonymity has its upsides, and trolling is a necessary price to pay.

If Every Male Troll Took a Walk in Women’s Shoes, Would He Finally Feel Our Outrage?

It's time to admit that the internet is a very different place for women, and it needs to change.

Anonymous Hacked: How's That For Irony

Friday morning the hacktivist collective Anonymous had both its Tumblr blog and Twitter account @YourAnonNews hacked by the Rustle League for the second time in as many years.


Watch An Internet Troll and a Troll Slayer Go Head-to-Head Over the Existence Of Climate Change

Watch as Climate Desk decides to meet their "most pernicious, climate-denying troll" and have him debate with a scientist.

Amy's Baking Company: Social Media Sees One Of It's Greatest Meltdowns Of the Year

Amy's Baking Company's Facebook meltdown is a valuable lesson on taking criticism in the social media age.